The Purpose of Ice Cream

Beloved ones, we are always in delight to connect with you. There is so much going on and so much information and so much to take your attention right now – do you ever wonder how to make sense of it all?

There is no need to get spun out by the things buzzing around your head, as long as within your head you are cultivating peace and clarity, and have the sincere expectation that all is well and that you are always divinely guided and protected, for it is so. Let things sort themselves out naturally by the knowing that they will. It is like a child, filled with a thousand curious thoughts running screaming to the calm, peaceful adult who says: “Do not worry, my child, for all is well…the answer is easy; the way is clear.” Carry this calm inside of you and it will be so. It is this same sage inside that will provide guidance and insight and comfort for any of your inquiries whether large or small. The size of the question does not matter, only that it is a desire of your heart to be known which way to go or what is the highest road or even though it does not seem the most logical or obvious or first answer, it is the correct one.

Remember that you are in training to be the Divine in your daily life, and in case you have not noticed before, Divine answers often are not the ones that make the most sense as human ones, but are always – always – the perfect ones. Divine perfection is what you seek, for the human version of it is a weak interpretation. No offense, but the sooner this is accepted, the easier things will be for you! Acceptance, acceptance, acceptance. This is a key mantra for your peace. To accept human limitation and expect divine resolution is the right way to go with the flow...that it may be corrected. It is the child seeking the sage’s advice for direction that it can become the sage. This is your training, your focus, your evolution.

And so some advice we can give you at this time is to relish the simple things…for therein you will find peace and joy and expansion that you cannot in the large complexities of life. Appreciate the beauty and grace of the animals, the majesty of trees and the wind, the lighthearted birds, the simple appreciation of all things with your five senses. The change of the seasons is a wonderful time to do this, as the sights and sounds and smells and tastes and touch changes so subtly, like a gentle song. There is no evening news or saddened heart that cannot be lifted by watching the clouds and wondering at their miraculous designs. It is always a painter’s sky! There is always music in the wind. Allow the giggles of a child and their lighthearted ways to be contagious for you, for nothing is as heavy as it seems. It is all big and it is all important, but nothing is worth lowering yourself to energetic oblivion for. It is true! Lighten up. Loosen up. Joy up. Appreciate the small things, and this will be so. This is the purpose of ice cream! When is the last time that it didn’t matter what time it was and you just took off down the pathway like a child, discovering what was in front of your nose? Where you are going does not matter and especially, there is nothing that can take you away from being in the everywhere, nowhere that you are in each moment. Go there! Loose yourself in something simple today and try to do that more and more each day. You will find your bliss in there and also the answers to your most profound questions. But that is a bonus outcome of just being at peace. Stop pushing and hurting yourself and others. Just be. It all works out as effortlessly as the clouds morph their shapes. Go there.

From this place of innocent peace it is you who will morph into a higher being. You will anchor more light inside and from this place you will receive promptings. The innocent following of these promptings will bring you excitement and connection to others and to places and purpose you could never have conjured when you were “working it”. It is supposed to be this effortless, remember? Expect it to be so. You will find recognition in the eyes of your brothers and sisters and your heart will begin playing new songs and you will find your own peace and place while connecting to others who you will inspire to do the same. Try it. You’ll like it!

There is not much more than we can say but this, for a message about simplicity is just that. Except to ask you which is your favourite flavour…

We are simply,

The Council of Light Within 


Terry 23rd August 2009 9:55 am

Thank you Rebecca. I was asking a question and so many of the other writings today had titles that seemed to answer my question but I didn't read them and instead chose "Ice Cream" not really knowing why other than I like Ice Cream. Of course it turns out that you were answering the very question I was asking! Thank you very was lovely. Terry

Anantha 23rd August 2009 1:13 pm

what is your favorite?

pumkin4001 23rd August 2009 4:59 pm

:angel: I like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cheery, etc, etc, etc. all kinds!!! Thanks for the article. It was great.I check the Spirit Library every day!!

sprague 23rd August 2009 6:31 pm

Yes this is a real great read thank you , we some times forget simplicity, & thats what it should be & triggers us as innocence to the fore.... :thumbs:

joshua291185 23rd August 2009 11:16 pm

ooh, 1111 views i see.

anyway. i was eating vegan for a while and there are some good non-dairy ice creams. coconut bliss brand is a bit expensive sometimes, but really, really good.

but, i've been eating dairy again, and i like chocolate, and vanilla, and cherry garcia.

Jules299 1st September 2009 8:18 pm

My faves are chocolate and vanilla! Just found this article, - very enjoyable, thank you! It reminds me of a book by Gill Edwards - 'Pure Bliss'. Sometimes that light, simple feeling about life just seems to be there spontaneously - and unfortunately for me it sometimes seems elusive - but maybe less so these days?

Inspiring music, nature ( i certainly agree about wonderful clouds) - trees with huggable , nubbly trunks , mmm! Now, must get some ice cream....


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