Your Heart's Freedom at Last!

The air is full of anticipation for The Great Celestial Alignment. There is no greater focus for you at this time because it keeps your perspective grand and without boundaries. This is the most important thing for you right now to conceive that your conceptions up until this time have been limited and are about to be blown boundary-less! This means that your great imprisonment of restraint of being, cognizance, expression and presence will be gradually and profoundly removed. No more shackles; no more limitations. Doesn’t freedom sound like the most exciting and exhilarating concept right now? Doesn’t it just make you want to shout with relief and bliss?! There is no greater time to experience than now; there is no greater purpose in your life than to be awake and aware and present in its unfoldment. The rose is opening; the spiral is expanding.

And what shall you do? Enjoy every present moment. Love yourself like you have never done before and from this state of expansion you will envelop all things. Allow your mind its recalibration with loving understanding: omniscience. Open your heart unconditionally: omnipotence. Experience yourself without limitations and know that it encompasses everything: omnipresence. All with profound compassion, humility and grace. Remember?  The steely grip of the deep, subconscious yearnings of home or foreignness and not belonging – being a misfit in a strange land – will begin to melt as your true remembrance awakens. Home will be the rising of heaven here, made manifest by your creation.

And so there is nothing to do and everything to do at the same time. All that you have learned will be called into action by its Divine expression as you. So you need only be who you already are, the truth of your heart’s radiance and what you desire. You will no longer be able to be in discord with your truth. All that you truly yearn for will be so as peace will reign and suffering will be erased by freewill choice, creativity will nourish and expansion will be freely felt among all, possibilities will be endless and abundance in its true form will permeate all life. The unification of all sentient beings will be natural and telepathic communication will erase boundaries and what is named as separate will cease. All is one and one will be for all. The truth of your greatest yearnings will be so. You will receive assistance as required and no one will be alone or left out. The Great Community will be formed and you will know your perfect part of the unified whole. Everyone wants the same thing, it is the quagmire that makes it feel insurmountable and for this you will receive help so it no longer seems futile. The notions of failure or hopelessness will cease as these are attributes of the lower frequencies, and this realignment will transmute them into assured success of our most powerfully true desires.

All seek belonging and meaning and community and purpose and love and creative expression and abundance and radiance and connection and understanding and freedom. All are expressions of just those attributes and more, and with the limitations lifted, the light will be radiantly free from the bushel basket that has been restraining them! Hallelujah chorus!

And so as these days of transition are here, all you need do is stay vigilant to the truth of your heart. Your heart does not want any more limitation caused by fear and judgement. Allow your heart to feel the truth of what has been and to use the elixir of forgiveness to be free. Let it express the power it has, in unification with the One Heart, to be renewed and radiant. Let your heart be free. Love enough to embrace the entire Earth and all of her inhabitants; love enough to embrace the entire brotherhood of the universe and beyond. With the bushel basket removed, there will be no reason that you cannot!

Allow yourself to get up on your surfboard, radiant in love’s pure light, and ride this wave of all waves to a new way of being for all. You are the magnificence of the surfer, the board, the wave and the entire sea – and it is your light that shines the glorious warmth of the sun upon your own shoulders. There is no separation, for you are that, you are!

In complete union, we congratulate you for all that you have become and we rejoice in what you are becoming!  We know that you will enjoy the most magnificent ride of all times.

In deep and true love, we are,

The Council of Light Within


Sandra Smyre 19th December 2012 2:52 pm

This energy is profound to say the least! I AM riding the wave across the Rainbow Bridge to a free heart. In LoveLight, Sandra :angel:

happyme 19th December 2012 3:22 pm

my heart is singing :smitten:


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