Heaen #3449 Know There Is a Way, and You Can Find It

The sense of frustration you experience serves you. Frustration leads you to solve or resolve that which frustrates you. It brings you to thought, realization, action. The action may be to have a talk. Frustration can make you deal with that which assails you. 

Welcome frustration because it is your teacher. Tough teachers can be very good. They bring you to realization. They bring you to address something that needs to be addressed. Tough teachers may make you face that which needs to be faced.

Frustration gives you the choice of running away or dealing with, and, within those two choices, there are many shades of choices within. Staying in an unwieldy situation isn't always good, nor is running away always the solution. Yet sometimes it is better to get out. Do not always have the idea that it is good for your character to stay in a situation in order to overcome it. As in playing poker, sometimes it is good to fold your hand, whether you want to or not. Giving up is not always a bad thing. You don't have to always run the gauntlet.

Sometimes you can get through what is difficult and be better off for it, and sometimes it's better to change directions.

And yet there are not always yes or no answers. Don't box yourself into a corner, that you have to decide either this or that. Be simple. See what is obvious. Or be creative and think of an alternative never thought of before. The world is full of variety. Find a variety that saves the day. If it doesn't totally save the day, at least it may allay your frustration which is the same as a sense of helplessness.

Life is short, indeed. It is not for suffering, and it is not for lollygagging either. Sometimes you have to knuckle down. Sometimes you have to be fleet. Each situation is its own. Know that there is a way, and that you can find it.

Neither frustration nor comfort is the way of life nor is a middle-ground always the way of life. Compromise enough, but not too much. Maybe you are learning to hold your ground, or maybe you are learning to give sway. Any way you slice it, you will get through whatever it is that is bothering you now.

When your frustration lies with another child of Mine, there is a very simple understanding for you to have. There is a simple explanation for the stand the other person has taken that is opposed to your perceived happiness. The explanation is obvious. He sees the situation differently from you. Is this not simple? And yet the other person is entitled to the point of view he has. He is entitled.

The same can be said of you. You see the situation in a different way. You don't understand. You are entitled to see the situation as you do see it. Now we come to your new position of taking the time to see how the other person sees it. Find out. Perhaps you have not asked or allowed the other person to speak his mind. In your listening, the other person may clarify his thoughts and see it differently on his own.

Come from the place that you care about this other person, and he cares about you too.

There has been an error in your thinking, beloveds. You may have forgotten that you are loved. Unloved, you feel barriers. Knowing you are loved, you can talk it over. Knowing that you love, you can talk it over. Have you thought that not being understood meant you were not loved?


kay 18th May 2010 7:39 pm

"Have you thought that not being understood meant that you were not loved?" So many of us must have believed this. Thank you, Gloria. I'm so grateful for this nugget.


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