HEAVEN #2173 In the Field of Love

 God said:

That you are on Earth is enough of a reason to be here. Being present, do not preoccupy yourself with ends nor ways to the means. If you turn the wheel of a mill, turn it for the blessing of turning it. If you drive a cab, drive it in service to those who presently ride with you. If you are a designer, design for the love of designing.

If you are a teacher, don’t do it for a paycheck. Be paid, but teach for the love of knowledge and for the love of the souls before you. Teach for the love of it.

If you are a salesman, sell your heart, not merely goods.

If you are in business, gain profit and give worth.

You do not need to be a Holy Man, as it is interpreted in the world. You don’t need to be a saint. You don’t need to be self-serving either. You are meant to be world-serving, God-serving. If you truly want to look out for #1, then look out for My interests. My interest is love. Let it be yours.

I do not mean for you to picture yourself as a do-gooder, yet if you happen to be a scoundrel, you may have experienced enough scoundrelness to last a lifetime. Appoint yourself something else now. Give yourself a promotion.

Whatever brought you to where you find yourself now, you are the one who stays or moves on. Your life is up to you. Choose your allocation of life. Choose where you step next, and choose your stride. Lose yourself in the process, and that’s when you find yourself at the end of the rainbow. Forget yourself, and all the little twists and turns will fade. Keep Me before you. That means you follow. Can you do better than follow Me?

If you don’t know where I am, then follow your heart of love. Be good to yourself. Don’t worry about anything. Don’t worry what others may think. Don’t worry about what you think. Merely follow love, not for gain, but for the sake of love, for the lovely sake of following your heart. Goodness knows, you have neglected your heart enough. Never mind what is the smart thing to do. Never mind what may be considered the right thing to do. Mind what is the love thing to do, and then do it.

If you seek a degree, seek it for the joy of it. And if you seek it because it is a requirement for a line of work you love, seek it for joy just the same. Make joy primary, gain secondary.

Be a good sport in life. Be a sportsman. Follow the courtesy of the game. Ennoble your life. Be one who cares about others, not more than yourself, not less than yourself, but equally. Give fair consideration to all. Leave no one out. In the field of love, don’t mind who likes you or how much. Notice how much your heart cares, and then oblige your heart. If you want to make a mark in life, leave your heart everywhere you go. Leave it in high places and low. Leaving your heart means the same as keeping it, beloveds, keeping it intact, keeping it lively, keeping it flashing its light, keeping it a beacon for other hearts to follow. You blink your heart for Me. You radiate it for Me. What else can you do for Me, beloveds, but to shine your heart?



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