HEAVEN #2195 Give Peace

God said:

When your feelings have been hurt, and you feel you want to retaliate, remember that you are not here on Earth to be hurt nor to attack hurt. You are here to heal. You are meant to be a healing balm on Earth. Peace is healing, beloved. Give peace.

On Earth, you are translating what occurs in order to give it meaning. Always you are trying to understand. Now interpret hurt as your signal to heal. You are here to bless the world, not compound hurt. You have wanted to understand why you are here on Earth, and I am telling you why. I have sent you as a healer and that includes the healing of woe.

When you see litter on the street, bend down to pick it up. Just so when you see hurt, bend down, pick it up, and throw it away.

If you were to see a wounded baby bird, your inclination would be to pick it up and soothe it. Just so with wounded hearts. Everyone’s heart has been wounded. There is not anyone who does not need your healing intention.

You are not on Earth in order to point out offense. You are not here to show anyone, to prove anything. You are not here to mount your high horse. You are here to heal. No more than that. If you cannot accept that you are here to heal others, then accept that your purpose is not to be hurt. Rise above hurt. Come from a holy place in your heart.

Remove your desire to hurt another as you have been hurt. Desire to heal. Your intention to heal will heal, just as your intention for peace brings peace. It will bring some peace to your own heart. Place peace in your heart, just as you would place a coin in a slot. Fill your heart with coins of peace.

Time does not heal all wounds. Time may make a wound less prominent in your mind. It is love that heals. Intention to heal is a form of love, beloveds. Heal all you can. Try it. Make your heart strong, not in offense or defense but in love. Love is the instrument of My hand. Think of My right hand as love, and My left hand as peace. Both of My hands work together.

If you must get yourself fired up, instead of about this and that, fire yourself up with enthusiasm. Light that fire, and you will inspire. Find something else to think about rather than how someone discounted you or was outright rude. Collect your thoughts. Keep those that benefit you. Keep the gold and throw out the dross. What would you keep slag for? Offenses are slag. Be done with the concept of offense. Be done with it once and for all.

When you feel you have been overlooked, overlook that. When you feel you have been discounted, discount that. When you feel that someone’s words have slapped you, slap that thought away. Hold your heart in peace. Place it high in love.

Consider disturbance as a match you blow out.

Remember the stars in the beautiful Heaven above. Remember all the light that shines on you, and reflect it. Reflect it for all you are worth. Be a bright-shining star on Earth. Accept My love, and give it away. Brandish My love like a beautiful sword. Indeed, My love is a beautiful golden sword that cuts away strife. I heal your wounded heart with My sword of love so that you may heal other hearts. Be the first to extend the arm of peace. Consider that your arm embraces the whole world. Pull the world into your heart, and keep it warm there, and cool your hurt.



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