HEAVEN #2247 Love Loves

God said:

It is not so much that you have to love someone. It’s just that you have to love. You have to love, not because it is virtuous, but because it is your very nature.

Perhaps you have known a few people who just love. It is not that they package love for someone in particular and not someone else. It just is that they love. It isn’t even that they love everyone. It’s that they love, and in the process, all in the environs receive the love. All see it. All know it. All bask in the love. All perceive it. It feels very good to know that someone lives who loves. Someone lives who loves all spots on Earth. Someone lives who loves all peoples. It isn’t even that he thinks of them in this way or that. It’s just that he loves, just the way the sun shines. It shines. What more is there to say about it?

It’s not necessary to document where or on whom the sun shines. It is enough that the sun shines, and it shines for all. Even when the sun’s rays are shining somewhere else and the moon has taken over, still you know that the sun shines, and you are warmed by it.

The sun shines, and love loves.

When you were a child, you loved a red truck, or you loved a certain doll. There was, nevertheless, an abstract aspect, for love is love.

Love doesn’t have to have. It simply has to love. Love has to be itself untrammeled by beliefs and procedures. Love is a gentleman who takes his hat off to all whom it meets. Or love is a lady who goes by in a carriage and smiles. Love is always bestowing and not taking, not demanding, not insisting, not persisting in making requirements for another, for love just loves without predication, without drawing a picture for someone else, without expecting anything, for loving of itself is its own return.

When you let go of everything, every idea, every belief, everything you hold on to, then you will love and then you will know there is nothing else in Heaven or on Earth. Judgment gets in the way of love. Judgment prevents love, obstructs it, eradicates it. How much can you love when someone has to be good enough for you to love? Then you stint on love. Is not everyone descended from Me?

It is not that you vow to love. You love. You do not vow to breathe. You breathe. You breathe better when you don’t think about it. You love better when you love with every breath. The same way you don’t have to train your eyes to see, nor your ears to hear, your tongue to taste, and so forth, you don’t have to train yourself to love. Toss out all those ideas in your head that cross out love, and you will love. Your love will be full-blown. It will traverse the Universe. It will relieve every heart on Earth. Your love will overtake every heart on Earth. Your heart will beat for every other heart and call its name. You will be a metronome of love.

Your love will be silent, and yet it will be voiced. It will be heard. It will be thunderous love.

There is going to be an earthquake of love, and you will set it off in the recesses of your heart when you allow love to generously be itself.



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