HEAVEN #2283 Behold the Garden

God said:

See as I see. Speak as I speak. You are in training for this. As you meander through the halls of life, consider how I would look at this, and how I would look at that. Consider what I would say at this juncture and that. You are seeing for Me. You are speaking for Me. You are breathing for Me. You are alive for Me. You are the journeyer I have sent out to send Me post cards. You tell Me the truth of your perception, yet the truth of your perception is often not true. Often you have written: “Wish You were here,” when I am inevitably by your side. Know with Whom you are walking.

Do not think I make light of your experience on Earth. It’s just that you take it so very seriously. It is just experience, beloveds. It is not Reality. You really do live in two worlds at once – or more than two. I would give you My glasses so that you may see as I do. Try them on. Yes, they are magic glasses. They are the alchemy of gold. My vision gets right down to it while yours wanders. And when you look up, still you have not seen. Yes, do put on My glasses, and do see as I do see. 

I see the world folding and unfolding, flipping on itself, and I see the Holy Light that shines and shines through. You may tell me that you are walking in a desert and are thirsty while I see you surrounded by pure crystalline water in such abundance – why would you miss it, and how could you? Why would you go thirsty in such an oasis as I have given you?

Perceive the oasis now. Perceive the beat of its heart. Behold the Garden I have given you to walk through and exalt. All the treasures are yours to pick up. See them, and you will pick them up. You will clasp them to your heart, as I clasp you to Mine.

Walk beside Me, beloveds. Walk beside Me in your awareness. Remind yourself Who walks with you, and where We are walking to. It is in your mind that We are walking, and you are awaking now. It is your mind that has to wake up. Perhaps you have been waiting for the world to wake up. It is the beauty of your mind that is waking and beginning to see and to hear and to speak beyond your past vision.

Envision yourself opening up a magnificent package. It is wrapped so beautifully. There are so many layers to this package. As you throw off tissue paper, you finally get to the diamond housed in a many-layered package. This package was always in your closet. It was just waiting for you to open it. Open it now. How bright is the light that emanates from it. This is the same light that glows within you. This light is yours for the asking, though you do not have to ask for it. You just have to know its availability, and you have to know where it is to be found.

Your mind is ready to open the package of your heart and therefore the world. As you open the gifts of the universe, your heart flutters open. As you open your heart, the world opens at the same rate. The world and your heart run on parallel streets. As you keep opening the gifts, the two streets meet, and there is only one wide avenue. This has to do with your vision, beloveds. There was always One Avenue, and you have always been walking on it. Now see.



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