HEAVEN #2306 The Treasure of God

When you play a ball game, when you create a painting, sing a song – you find there are those illusive moments when nothing exists, when you forget everything, when you forget what you are doing, when you are beautiful focused on what you are doing at the same time as you forget about yourself. At these times, your ego is gone, all the individuality of you is gone, vanished from your thoughts. It is only afterwards that you realize you had been some place else or no place. Afterward, you recognize that you were nowhere at all. All your littleness had vanished. You were in the land where I dwell. You know what I am talking about. It could even be when you are at a movie and you forget you are in a movie. At those times you have left the relative world. You are not thinking about where you are at those moments. You are totally focused out of yourself. It is only afterwards that you say: “I forgot all passage of time. I was somewhere else. I don’t know where I was. But I was out of the boundaries. Perhaps only for one moment, I was enrapt in Greaterness. I became the moment of my Self.”

You were not engrossed in yourself, for that is where you are occupied much of the time. You were lifted up. You lifted yourself up. You were enrapt in boundlessness. This is one reason why it is so important for you to do that which you love to do. In doing what calls to you, you yourself are evoking higher states of consciousness. You are, so to speak, at those moments, out of your mind and into your heart. Your mind was absent. Now you cannot even remember what that was like, what was going on, but your heart remembers. Nothing but itself mattered in those moments, nothing but the experience of non-experience. Just to be nowhere in non-time was marvelous. You would go to this non-place all the time if you knew how, for in those moments, you outdistanced matter. Where you were, nothing mattered but for the joy of the matterlessness itself.

You could say that time stood still, but it was really that you were out of the arena of time. Time was not ever a question at the time. You would not ask, “What time is it?” for that would break the spell, though really it is a non-time, a rare time, when you are not under a spell.

Most of the time, you have been under a spell of the relative world. When you were born, you were a princess, and there was a harpy as in a fairy tale who foretold you would immerse yourself in the material world . You might be miserable, but you would immerse yourself in the misery nevertheless. The miserableness would be punctuated with happiness, yet happiness so brief, and happiness even at its apex blighted with the realization that it was fleeting, so even as you held the episode of happiness, it was falling out of your hand.

When you lose yourself, that is when you find yourself. Does that hold a fuller meaning for you now? When you step out of time and lose the world, that is when and where you find the treasure of God. The treasure of God is you yourself. When you fully embrace Me, you leave your problems and all your thoughts, because We are surely beyond thought. You can take nothing with you when you tour this wondrous place of infinite Eternity or eternal Infinity and visit with Me in Heaven. All you can bring is your Self.



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