HEAVEN #2364 The Inauguration of Heaven on Earth

God said:

It is not for you to fault yourself any more than it is for you to fault anyone else. You are not to be the bell-ringer of fault. When someone else does something foolish or unkind, it is not for you to pounce on. You are not to point the finger of your mind at them. Go on to something else, beloveds.

Looking at the faults of others, no matter how blatant they may be, is like sticking your finger in tar. The tar will stick to you.

With all your heart, you may wish to help another rise to a higher perch in the universe, yet when you pause at their fault, you are matching your vibration to the vibration of the fault. You have flown down to a lower branch.

If you are a parent or a teacher or in a position where you are responsible for others, give love more than correction. When a child misspells a word, or hits another, find a way to enhance the child's view of himself and not lower it. If you cannot do this, better let the error go than reduce the child's image. Despite appearances, the child is listening to you, and the child sees himself through your eyes. Make sure you see with the eyes of love. You are not blinded by seeing with the eyes of love. When you see any other way than through the eyes of love, you are blinding the child. You are blinding him from Me and My love when you see from anything but the eyes of love.

Love your child more than you love yourself because you do not presently love yourself enough. Find your love for Me, and then correct the child in My place. You do stand in for Me. Stand in for Me then. Be Me then. And see Me in the little one who misspells or spills ink or hits another child.

There is always room for Me, beloveds, in all areas of life. And if you do not see Me somewhere, then make room for Me anyway. Squeeze out lesser thoughts, and usher in My love. Feel My love, and make sure you reveal it.

There is no place in this world for condemnation. There is plenty of place in this world for showing the way to Heaven. Leave off condemnation, and you demonstrate Heaven. Inaugurate Heaven on Earth, beloveds.

From now one, each time you see fault, associate it with the inauguration of Heaven on Earth. Let fault remind you of Heaven. Let fault be a doorway to Heaven. Fault is a creaky door that opens, but it opens. It presents a perfect opportunity for you to raise the vibration of the world. Oil that creaky door of fault, and then walk through it. Oil the hinges as you go. Isn't this better? Isn't this the thing for you to do? And doesn't living life this way feel better?

When you do this rather than focusing on improving another, you have improved yourself. When you stand on a higher rung on the ladder of love, you are improved. Is there another way for you to rise on the ladder than to climb it?

Reach for Heaven. Even if you miss a step, still you reached, and the reaching is worth gold. Perhaps you didn't make it across the English channel just yet, yet you started out, and you will start out again. By setting out, you have established a firm knock on the door of Heaven. It will be heard, and you will be glad.



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