HEAVEN #2484 Leap for Joy

Leap for joy today! Why not? You have been quick to leap for trouble. Now be just as quick to leap for joy. Don't be indentured to joy, but be ready to anticipate it. You do not have to receive it every moment. You just have to be eager for it. Joy does not have to fall from trees, yet when apples of joy are ripe, be ready to catch them just the same.

Consider that you do have a halo over your head. If you have gone around with a cloud over your head, it's because you filled your God-given halo with cumbersome colors. Erase those. Use clear colors that fill your heart instead. You have all the colors of the rainbow to choose them. Why choose murky colors? Color your life happy.

Let go of dread. When you open bills, consider you are going to receive one with a credit rather than debit. Have that air about you. Then, even when the bill may be high, you will make opening the envelope enjoyable. Why not make everything enjoyable?

I entreat you to get out of the realistic mode. It has been overdone. You have overvalued it. Get into more of an imaginative mode. Play tricks on yourself. Why not culture joy? Why not set yourself up for it? Even when you are disappointed, then you at least did have joy.

Why not get in the habit of joy? Is suspicion smarter than joy? You must have thought so.

When you forever warn yourself of possible mishaps, you become a wet blanket. Why throw a wet blanket over your life for the sake of some kind of imagined safety? And don't pour wet blankets on others' lives either, and don't let others pour a wet blanket over yours, either.

Even when someone's dream is foolish, who are you to take it away from them? Of course, you could be surprised. It won't be the first time someone has succeeded where you were sure they would not. But successful or not, they had the joy of trying something. Even if your dreams seem foolish, enjoy them anyway. Dreams are to be enjoyed, beloveds.

Depart from your usual route, beloveds. Make a cake without a recipe. Make a cake that has never been made before. Make your life a great design of anticipated joy.

When you walk to work, don't drag your feet. Perhaps if you walk briskly, the walk will enliven your heart. Even if you don't like your work, maybe you will find a spark of joy. You don't have to be defeated before you even get there. Wouldn't it be a good idea to bet on yourself and bet on your finding joy, even in unlikely places? Why leave out unlikely places? Stranger things than joy have happened in unlikely places.

If you are one who is searching for a true love, perhaps you have been searching in all the usual places. Take a wider swath.

If you have defined your life, you have limited it. Why limit any treasure that is given to you?

You may think there is plenty of suffering for all. Wouldn't it be better to play around with the idea that there is plenty of joy for all?

Have you perhaps somehow thought you were eligible for the doldrums and unentitled to joy? I would like to see you think differently. Begin to think that you have no right to clog up your life with hurt. You have every right to fill your life up with joy. Joy will not clog your life, nor your arteries, nor anyone else's. Joy clears the way for all kinds of wonder. Get set for miraculous joy. I am sending you amazing amounts of joy now. It is on its way. Are you anticipating?




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