HEAVEN #2573 This

There is no spiritual practice that you need. You want to remove the idea of need altogether. The beauty is that you desire to come closer to Me. The beauty of spiritual practice is your focus. You are the true beauty of it. There is nothing outside of you that you have to have. You do not have to be educated to Me. I Who am of the heart come to you through the heart.

You don't learn to love Me. You love Me. No one teaches Me to you. I am Self-Discovery. You are your own teacher.

Read all the books you want. Learn all the religions you like, yet I am beyond all that the world offers you of Me. Frankly, beloveds, I offer Myself to you.

I give you light, and it is you who sees the light. Do you understand Me? There is no figuring out necessary. There is no instruction you have to have. There is no understanding you have to have. Self-realization is self-realization. No one can give you Self-Realization. You have to realize for yourself. Enjoy what you enjoy, and yet know you are not dependent on it. The schools may be dependent upon you.

Consider Me the School.

You need not adore anyone before Me. Adore and be grateful for all others and know it is I Who gives the grace of God. All in life are to lead you to Me. Every experience is to lead you to Me, yet you are your own Great Teacher.

Absorb all the knowledge you like. It is said that the intellect can lead you to Me. The intellect leads you to your own heart. Perfect knowledge about Me is not the same as awareness of Me. I am the Perfect Knowledge. Beloveds, words cannot say. No one can describe Me. They can describe yearning. They can lay out maps. I would say that all maps can lead you to Me, and no map can lead you to Me. Maps are maps. No map is needed to find Me, for I am everywhere.

All steps lead to Me. Steps away from Me also lead to Me. Every one of you is being led to Me. Drawn or not, you are being led.

There is nothing you have to be. You can be a wastrel if you like and come to Me. You can be anything at all, and still you come to Me. There are no prerequisites. There are no tests you have to pass. You come to Me by coming to Me.

All come to Me. There is no stopping it. There may be no hurrying it either, yet desiring Me avidly is worth it. Inevitably, a bell will ring and you will answer it, and you will find Me on the doorstep of yourself, and you will open wide the door of yourself and enter the palace of yourself. Then you and I will be noticeably inescapable Oneness. Beloveds, We meet where hearts meet.

You need not be learn-ed about Me. You only have to come to Me. It is yourself that brings you to Me. No one can do it for you. It is always you. You are the comer to God. You are the becomer. You are the receiver of God and also the deliverer and the delivery. You are the finder and the found. In your heart of hearts, it is yourself you are looking for. Yes, you seek Me, yet, all the while, you are seeking your Self.

Have no other god before Me is wise. There is One God, and I AM That, and you will discover that you also are That. You will discover there is no That. There is only This, beloveds, this love of Ours, This that is between Us when there is no in between, only this, Our Oneness, One and the Same.



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