HEAVEN #2587 May Peace Be with You

How can you say that Christ died when he lives still? The passing body died, no more. And the body is such a temporary thing, serving its purpose for a while, and then dropping away in order that the soul may fly free. Thus the servant body makes way for greater freedom and Immortality. The body no longer cramps your style.

Christ did not die. He walks the world still, and he is as he ever was. He has not stopped speaking. He has not stopped healing. He may have healed you today for all you know.

Do not think that Christ is far away from you, not in time, and not in Being. Christ said it himself - all he is, you are. He even said you can do better. And what does that mean? It means your love can be more far-reaching. You may even create peace, perhaps not at the boardroom table, but in your heart. The unspoken is mightier that the spoken. There does not have to be discussion before peace. Actually, peace comes first. Then peace can be discussed. Peace can be discussed only when there is peace.

Rain falls before you put up your umbrella. Peace alights first, and then the umbrella of discussion opens. Tell Me, beloveds, what can be discussed when anger and self-righteousness abound?

Christ was as far from self-righteousness as can be, and yet he was as right as right can be. Self-righteousness is opposed to peace, and Christ embraced peace. What is healing but giving peace? And what is a blessing but the giving of peace. What better gift than peace? Today give peace to all in your circumference, and you will be giving peace to the restless world.

Beloveds, your opportunity in the world is greater than was Christ's. You have the internet. You have books. You have TV. Use what you have to calm the world. Higher consciousness rises in calm. The drum beat of peace is not loud. Yet when peace comes to the whole Universe, there will be such a roll of drums and ringing of bells that you will be taken off your feet, and you will rise to Heaven. Your heart will levitate, beloveds. It is your heart that is the mediator between the illusioned distance between Earth and Heaven. Your heart is the gateway to everything. It is the elevator that lifts the world. Come, let's meet in that elevator. I will whisper to you. From that whisper, even if you haven't heard clearly, even when your mind does not get it, you will know Who you are, and therefore you will know what to do and how to do it. You will be helpless to do otherwise.

You will become the rudder for the whole world. You will steer the ship of life in peaceful waters. You will float the world in your beauty. What is peace but beauty? Beauty gives you peace, and beautiful you give peace to the world that has been waiting for you.

Do not think I am sacrilegious when I say that you are the Messiah who is supposed to come, and that you have come. There is not only one Messiah. There is a brotherhood that is going to break the staccato rhythm of the world into Wholeness from which none can wander. Right here, in your heart and Mine, the revolution of life on Earth is going on. You who read this are My sword of love, and it is you who will bring the sundered world together. It is you. May Peace be with you.



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