HEAVEN #2650 In the Light of Your Self

What secrets are there between Us? There is nothing to hide. I am your Upholder. Think of what I just said. There is nothing to hide. You have nothing to hide. There is nothing that needs to be hidden. There is nothing worth hiding. I abolish secrets. Keeping a secret is like keeping a shoot of a flower in the shade. A flower must have sunshine in order to grow. In the case of a secret, the shade makes it grow, and the sun will erase it. Secrets come from fear, and fear grows in the cavernous darkness. There is no percentage in having fear nor secrets. I abolish fear, and I abolish secrets.

Besides, everything is known. Nothing is secret. The details may be, of course, but you are not a detail. Remember you are a vibration. No matter how subtly, your vibration is known. You cannot hide your vibration, beloveds. And where does your vibration come from but from your thoughts? Your consciousness expands or contracts with your thoughts. Your vibration is set in tune with your thoughts. A drum beats in pantomime, or a flute plays so silently that you do not hear, and yet the drum and flute send out a stream of vibration. All is a vibration. Light waves are a vibration. And so your thoughts twang, and if they twang what you see as a deep dark secret, you are laid low, beloveds, shrouded in an equivalent vibration.

You hide behind a little shrub, and all the time you are seen.

I choose you to sail along on a beautiful sea, so shining and blue that you can only shine and take delight in your voyage.

Tear up your secrets now. Flip them away. Keep them no longer. Let them see the light of day so they may leave you forever. Hiding is more tortuous than anything you might hide. Hiding is a parasite that rides on your back. Hiding is an ogre that won't let go of you. He holds on to your secrets. Give the ogre nothing hidden to hold on to, and he will be gone.

So long as you hold on to secrets, you are bound to the past. And you know what I think of the past and what you associate with it.

You know all your secrets. I tell you now that they are nothing at all. I tell you to say goodbye to them now. Once unhidden, beloveds, you have nothing to hide. Acknowledge to yourself what you have tried to hide. Absolve yourself of it now so that you may be free and love the world and not hide from it.

I do not tell you to find someone to confess to. I release you now from the idea that there is anything you must hide. Hiding is a prison of your own making. I tell you to step out of it now. I tell you to take off the shackles. They never were real! The shackles were all in your imagination. You sold yourself a bill of goods. You cheated yourself. You heard words like sin and guilt, and you took them to heart.

That you were ignorant, We already know. You are guilty of ignorance. You are guilty of having forgotten your worth. You are guilty of having offended yourself. Come out of this self-imposed darkness and declare yourself free. Free yourself from the past, beloveds. Once and for all, be done with it. Let the past be gone, and come with Me now in the light of your True Self, as a Divine Human Being who stands tall in the full realization of My love. You are just as much Mine as any King on Earth.


I AM ROSE 26th February 2008 7:50 pm

I felt this message of home, so simple and so true. Thankyou.
In Love and Light.


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