HEAVEN #2664 All the Knowledge of the Universe

All the knowledge of the Universe is within you. All the knowledge of Creation is within you. All the knowledge of the Absolute is within you. The entire power of All That Is is within you. You are not this fragile creature you seem to think you are.

Of course, all the knowledge is within you. Look at the workings of your body. It knows what to do and when and how. It breathes without your attention. Blood flows in two directions. The body knows everything to do. The body, which is the least of you - the least of you in the sense I am speaking - how can you imagine that you, the essence of you, know less? The Source of All Knowledge is contained within you. It is contained in every string of the DNA within you. Contained within this myriad physical lies All That Is. The physical is a microcosm of All That Is. It is a metaphor for All That Is. You, beloveds, are All That Is.

If the physical body is more aware than you are, it is because you don't interfere so much with the body as you do in other areas of life. You do not make the calls for your body. You do not make the body dependent upon your instructions. More or less, you let your body do its thing. More or less, you give your body over to its own self-fulfilling dispensary. You don't tell your body when to breathe nor where to put the oxygen. Pretty much you leave the body to its own devices. You do not calculate for the body. You may count calories, yet you allow your body to do with the calories as it will. More or less, you are not controlling the body that you are housed within. You know better.

Yet, it would seem, that you feel every other area of life is better off with your surveillance. You come from the presumption that you know best what life should be handing you, that you know best of all. You try to contrive life. You attempt to boss it around, contradict it, force it, as if life were to do your bidding and your bidding alone.

Beloveds, participating in life is not quite the same as telling it what to do. You, who have the Source of All Knowledge within you, like to think you know better than the Source. Somehow you have convinced yourself that you know exactly what your life should be like. Your certainty of this leads to complaint, discontent, force-feeding, resistance, argument, contempt, war, and, occasionally, a great feeling that you have been successful in mandating your life and perhaps the world around you.

It is wiser to take life as it comes, beloveds. This is not an original thought. This does not mean to be lackadaisical as if you don't care at all. Do care, and do accept occurrences in life, many many of which are not in your control. Neither blame nor credit yourself, beloveds. Accept what has to be accepted. This does not mean that you lie down. Your job in life is not to be defeated. Nor is it to rage at life. Do not stamp your foot at life. Fix what can be fixed, and leave well enough alone. Do not get caught in the details. Do not get caught even in the meaning of events. The meaning is that this is how life is appearing at this moment.

This is how you are free in life. You are free to accept what life has handed you and to move on. You no longer have to protest nor to debate with life. Love life. Do not overprotect it. Let it be what it is as it is. Let your forward-moving desires move your life forward. This is a way to unlock yourself from the past.



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