Heaven #2695 Practice Appreciation

When you are angry, you are trying to control. Someone didn't do what you thought they should, and now you take affront. Who are you to take affront? Who are you to supervise your brother? Over whom exactly do you think you rule? Rule yourself, beloved.

When you are certain you know exactly what and how someone should do things, you are wise to keep your advice to yourself. Who asked you? I didn't.

Are you an orchestra leader to decide who plays what note when? Not even an orchestra leader tries to turn an oboe into a flute, or a triangle into a drum, or a drum into a tuba. Yet you don't hesitate to try to turn someone else into you! You have your way of doing things. Others have theirs. Beloved, you are really not an expert on anyone else's life. Have your opinions, and know that's all they are. Do not distribute them.

By what presumed right would you decide your way is the right way for someone else? Even if by some remote possibility you are correct, how do you presume to dictate to someone else what they are obliged to do and when? Must they conform to your preferences? Beloveds, you have your hierarchy of standards, and others have theirs.

When you find yourself finding fault with someone else's methodology, stop. Say something supportive instead. When you want to find fault and execute some power that you like to think is yours, stop. Turn your attention elsewhere. No one appointed you the boss of the universe! The more certain you are that you are right, stop. You are trying to push someone around. Even bosses have boundaries. There is a line not to go beyond. Whether subtle or overt, bullying is bullying. You must know enough not to try to supersede your will over someone else's. What claim to authority do you have over another? When you are perfect, perhaps then you can cast the first stone. Even then, until you are in someone else's shoes, you don't know that you would do better. You think you would. You might not do as well. You might not last a minute.

Students criticize their teachers. Teachers criticize their students. Could they not give each other a break?

Teachers and students are doing the best they know how at any given moment. You can give them credit for that. Better now teachers and students come together on a meeting ground of compassion and regard. Neither the student nor teacher is perfect, and yet they are entitled to their own perceptions. It will be a different classroom when teacher and students pause to honor one another. It will be a different world.

Before you examine another's practices, examine your own. Before you attempt to streamline another's practices, streamline your own. Each person has his own rhythm with the Universe. Do not attempt to intrude on another's. Others have rights that do not belong to you. You are not meant to be a fixer of other people's views of the world. Your priorities are your priorities. You must be allowed yours, and you must allow others theirs.

When you want to take over another person's way of engaging in the world, this is a signal that it's time for you to examine your own ways of engaging.

Perhaps you feel you are taking honorable responsibility when you instruct others on how to live their lives and spend their time. There is a difference between responsibility and meddling.

You are responsible for the fault you find. Your neighbor isn't. Pluck out the splinter from your own eye. Never mind finding fault. Find something to appreciate instead. It may be easier for you to find fault and harder for you to find appreciation. What can you do now but practice appreciation, beloveds? Practice appreciation.


Carl Lawrence 11th April 2008 11:08 am

I am a big fan of your work and have loved all of the advice you have given to me and many others.
Im sorry but i have to express my concern on this day. i find it hard to accept that this advice could be given to us from our God. I would never belive that these negative words would be sent when there are many things going on every day where we could do with some higher support and advice. I cant take any of this and use it for any good, all of the good things that each of us say and do even in this negative age. we like to be nice and have nice things, advice mirrord back to us.
after reading this three times i think the comments contradict the whole message. Im sorry that i feel this way and this is the only time that i do not belive this is a true channel, it has left me feeling rather confused as to what beings of light stand for.

Many Thanks. Carl

Carl Lawrence 11th April 2008 5:14 pm

I feel so sorry but i cant belive this to be of God. he is doing in this letter what he demands we dont do.
Im gutted because i love you and your fantastic work you do Gloria.
Please understand why i had to voice my comments. and i hope i dont upset anyone with my take on this. as i do truly love you all xx

philippe 17th April 2008 9:03 pm

hi Carl. For my experience, i have also been like you, being confused and thinking a lot about all what is describe. but after being confused i felt like worm inside myself with a lot of love for my environment and a desire extremly high in respecting human being. ( thanks to you universal energy and to unity of the human representant WHO SPREED it... I could never imagine it exist this human potential, but your energy is really extraordinary my dear humans light... thanks to you all. hope soon spreeding it as good as you, human deserve it)and il felt god taking me out of heaven's earth. Even now I have some confused moment(karen explain it well on her site) of my live but also extase in feeling good at other times. i think (it's my perception) that being confused is being growing before knowing. karl, you will feel it soon that energy, getting you in earth paradise, you deserve it.
i think it isn't possible to make someone upset if he respect's you. But also should people respect themselves first to understand that, i mean by that that it was my experience to understand it now. Everybody has his own experience in his time and in his space.lots of energy for you all. excuse for my english, but god gave me other... wish to you all.

carl lawrence 18th April 2008 12:01 am

Philippe, Thank you for these words but it may be possible that the true meaning of your message got lost in translation?

philippe 18th April 2008 5:39 pm

i'm really sorry for my english. I starting practising it, it's important for me. i invite you to enjoy energy alerts of karen bishop and metatron. Their energy is high and reflect through yours energy too (you see in environment what you are, not only what are others). You can easily find their site. hope space, time and other dimensions will be soon open to you, because no words can explain what people already feels. And i think you will have no words to explain completely your feelings. after that god probably will reveal more because of our universal energy developped. why not transforming soon different langages to only one (just create that thinking and it will happen) : mind interaction to improve what god wants : our reunification for a better world. That is what i think. but i'm open about what you think too. By exchanging experience, you develop your own experience, no? the one you want, your responsible free choice...

carl lawrence 18th April 2008 10:48 pm

Hello Philippe, I feel that if you look back at my origional comment and understand that i have lived with the feeling of pure love, as a light worker i will share this love, light and knowing so that there will be many people that will experience pure unconditional love. This love is so pure that it has no knowledge or understanding of any form of negative energy.
As this love and light will be offered to every single person there will be a great global awakening, as the negative is lifted with love we will all shift into the 5th Dimension together as a whole. This is my first carnate into physical form on planet earth. I have experienced life in other dimensions and i will assist in the shift to the 5th dimension.
So at this time i can only love in order to share the light for that is all that is true. We are all love and all deserve the love of God. And so i thank you Philippe for your response as it has extended this message of love.

philippe 20th April 2008 5:49 am

Hello Carl. i'm really pleased to know a worklighter like you that soon will assist in the shift of the 5 dimension. hope being soon in your vibration to send you my best energy. About ascending, the little light inside of my opened-space is only at the beginning and lots of question are still in my same. But it's different than before. No fears, only messages between space, time and energy.I feel your work and thank you all my dear lightworkers!! I shouldn't say that i hope assisting the 5 dimension but i think that it is not time for me at this moment(i think i have lots of things to learn before and shine much more), even if as you know time doesn't exist really when you begin knowing really who you are. I think that only a new space is created (to equilibrate the energies) and the intention is to reunificate humans who wants to be as a whole to ensure a real change. I agree with you in all what you say and enjoy sharing your experience. Hope to of you soon.


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