Heaven #2717 God Is Not Santa Claus

Beloveds, I am not Santa Claus. Do not think that you can make a list, and that I will deliver everything on your list even if you have been very good? I am not going to give you a shiny red fire truck or an El Dorado every time. These are for you to deliver to yourself.

I am not a genie in a bottle who must fulfill your every whim, grant your every wish, be at your beck and call.

I am not a magic potion that will make your body young again.

Nor am I Cupid who will shoot an arrow and make someone you designate fall in love with you because that's what you want.

I am not a fortune-teller nor a psychic who will tell you at which corner and at what time you will meet your own true love nor what horse you should play to win.

I am not a diet plan to take away inches. I am not a plastic surgeon to fix your nose. I am not a store owner to give you giveaways.

I am God.

Because I love you with all My heart does not mean I am here to do your bidding. I am not here to give you everything you want when you want it. Nor am I here to withhold from you anything that you desire. My love is greater than that. My wisdom is greater than that. In one glance I can see all.

It is not that I think, "Hmm, shall I grant Joe's prayer today? Or tomorrow or ever?" I do not think. I see. I know. Besides, beloveds, We, you and I, have agreed on certain things. You may have forgotten.

Nor am I saying that your life is predestined. I am saying that your life is up to you.

Beloveds, I am not here to perform for you. I am not here to do tricks. Be your own miracle-worker, beloved.

You are not the play director who gives Me cues as to when I am to come on stage or when I am to leave the stage.

Beloveds, I am not the only decision-maker in the world. I leave a lot up to you. It must be so. You are blessed with free will.

When you are hungry, you do not always wait for a chef to appear. You do not always have to be waited on. There is merit in your going into the kitchen and preparing a meal for yourself. You can plan the menu. You can decide how long you want to cook the pasta. You can make the sauce of your choice. You can invite your friends. You can invite whomever you want. You can invite into your life whatever you want.

Yes, I am the Doer. Yes, there isn't anything I can't do. At the same time, I can't do everything for you. I set everything in motion, yet I do not sit and plan every detail. I leave a lot to you.

Long ago you learned to tie your shoes. And now you learn to live your life. It is you who lives it. It is you who paves the way. It is you who sets your sites.

We do not bargain, you and I. We don't make deals. I promise you gold, yet that does not mean I hand it to you. Of course, there is manna from Heaven, yet there are times when you simply have to reach up high for it.

Your life is a gift I have given you. And now you open up the gift, and now you turn the pages.



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