Heaven #2724 Walking into the Ocean

You may think there are steps to life, and that you must remember what a Heavenletter said, follow My words like instructions. As you read Heavenletters, My thoughts go into your DNA; rather, My thoughts are already in your DNA, and My Words stir the recollection. Your DNA is ever spinning. Your DNA is like a post-it note, reminding you that you don't need to remember. Remembering is holding on, and you are to let go. You don't have to remember what I say. I will remember for you.

You are made in My image. I do not have a body except as in you. I created you from My heart and soul, and perpetuated you in a physical body that carries an impression of Me, an image of Me. The Truth of you cannot be sullied, yet the physical DNA of you can be sullied, has, but does not have to be. Lean into My words, and your physical DNA, which is more spiritual than you can imagine, restores itself to its original formation. It gets the kinks out.

There is nothing wrong with your DNA except thoughts and misperceptions have misaligned it. Every thought you have gets imploded into your DNA and into the DNA of others. And your ancestors' thoughts and the thoughts in the present world are passed on to you. But never mind that. Now it is up to you to take responsibility for your DNA and for all those who will follow you. There is not a particle of the world - past, present, or future - that you do not influence. You strengthen and you weaken, according to the fiber and resonation of your heart.

You can remove illness and war and anything you don't want from the face of the Earth. An illness that an individual has may be someone else's, and yet the individual resonated with it and made it his own.

When Christ walked the Earth in human form, he reflected the love in his heart, and so he healed. The reverberation of his DNA, so to speak, reverberated others' DNA. His strength was so great that he reverberated to no one's vibration but Mine wholly preserved in his heart and reflected into his DNA. He had nothing to do but walk the Earth and be the Being he was.

All is automatically sent out and received. On that level, there can be no misrepresentation. Wherever you are, regardless of how well you may represent yourself on the surface, your consciousness reveals itself.

You can restore your DNA to its rightful state, not by effort, but by awareness. And what is awareness but taking responsibility for the entire Universe? The Universe is of your making, beloveds.

Before you become guilt-ridden, remember that what you have to do is to throw off the cloak of the past, and that means guilt. Your baptism will be when you leave the past behind and walk out from it your True Self with no strings attached. Guilt does not become you. Love becomes you.

And if you cannot always find the love in your heart, then refrain from what is less than love. Although thoughts may come, words do not have to. You are responsible for your thoughts and your words. Let hasty words be silent. And when you have angry thoughts, go take a dip in the Ocean of My love.

Come back to Me, beloveds. Come back to Me. Come to Me. Embed My love for you and your love for Me in your heart. Feel it. It will be communicated to your DNA.

What I am suggesting is that you rise up from the small world you have been living in and take your rightful place as a leader of mankind. Even if you are in a hospital bed, you can be a leader of mankind. Even if you are in a prison you can. Even if you are the leader of a country, you can. You can be whatever you choose to be. I suggest you choose, and so shall it be, all from your picture of yourself, the past unpreserved, and you walking into the Ocean.



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