Heaven #2727 What Is on Your Mind Today?

What is on your mind today? Unless the thought is giving you great happiness, get it off your mind. When a mosquito lands on you, you swat it. You don't even give it a thought. You simply don't want biting mosquitoes on your arm.

When it's a thought that doesn't belong in your mind, when it's a nagging thought, or a biting one, summarily give it a swat and find better thoughts.

How many of your thoughts are thoughts that you would rather not have? They are thoughts of the past or thoughts of the future, and they fill up your beautiful mind. They nag you. They get you out of sorts. Is that not true? Well, then, get rid of them. They are leeches. They erode your heart. They take years off your life. They give you wrinkles.

Perhaps you think that a world without negative thoughts is simply not possible. Perhaps you wonder what the multitude of your thoughts would be then? What would you think about? What would you talk about?

It is very possible that you wouldn't fill up every gap. It is likely that there would be more silence. Would that be so bad? Would it be so bad to sit with a friend in silent conversation, or with Me? Is this objectionable to you?

You may be strong on energy conservation, and now I ask you to consider conserving your own energy. Perhaps you think all your wayward thoughts, your good-for-nothing thoughts, are an exercise that will help you lose weight or keep a slim figure. The actuality is far from it. Every undue thought adds pounds. They supply you with extra weight to carry around. Certainly, heavy thoughts weigh you down.

Have your thoughts been as big-footed as the Yeti? Why not have thoughts like butterflies? Thoughts so lovely that you would want to keep them always. What might some of these thoughts be, beloveds? What are the thoughts that you would like to keep near you? What thoughts make you happy right now? Can you have them? Can you keep them lively? Can you draw more thoughts like these to multiply your happiness?

Your happiness and your unhappiness come from your thoughts. The power of your thoughts is indisputable. Your mind is innocent. The mind cannot say to some thoughts, "Work your power," and say to others, "Hey, make these thoughts ineffectual." The mind can do many things. It can play all kinds of tricks, yet it can't sort out thoughts into powerful or unpowerful. The mind can discern, but it can't turn on nor off the power of thought. The mind can lend connotations, but the connection of all your thoughts is universal. The wiring cannot be switched on and off.

I do know it's easy to feel that you are at the mercy of thoughts. You may have been, yet that was before you knew that thoughts were up to you. You thought you had to admit them all, and treat them all fairly. This is not the case at all. This is one time when you don't have to be democratic and say all are welcome. Oh, no, this is one time when you can bar the door and know it is a great thing to do.

Just as you do not need to be all things to all men, you don't have to foster every thought that appears. There are wanted thoughts and unwanted thoughts, and that's perfectly okay. That's quite all right. Let some thoughts in, and do not admit some others. And if, somehow, if some thoughts enter and you think better of it, shoo them out. What do you need them for? They're not your original thoughts anyway.



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