Heaven #2765 When Blossoms Fall

How can anyone be depressed when trees grow and flowers bloom? How can any heart feel depressed when even one apple grows on a tree? When one baby smiles. When there is even one such a thing as a baby gerbil to steal your heart. When there is music. When every forest is a work of art. When a crayon can make a mark on paper. When children play. When there are choo-choo trains. When there are puddles to stomp in. When winds blow. When blossoms that fall nourish their trees for the next year. When everything has a purpose. When purpose has a purpose. When there are summer evenings, or spring, fall, and winter evenings, each with its own flavor.

Who can feel depressed when there is good food cooking on the stove? When there is such a thing as eating. When there is such a thing as drinking. When there is water. When there are waterfalls. When there is even a picture of a water fall. When cows give milk, and grass grows, and hills go up and hills go down.

How can anyone feel blue when schools get out? When there are busses to catch. When doors open and close. When there is weather. When clouds race across the sky. When skies are blue. When there are movies. When there is laughter. How can you be sad even when you are crying, for tears are a blessing that wash away the old and prepare for the new.

How can anyone feel sad when he has a mother to see him off to school and the smell of brownies baking in the oven when he gets home?

When you look at life in this way, where can deep holes of depression be dug? What is there in life that does not want you to be happy? Even, sadly, when your most beloved dies, you know that he or she wants you happy. Is there really someone who wants you sad? Absolutely not, for when you are sad, how happy can the world be?

And why not find excuses to be happy most especially in the most difficult moments when you need happiness the most? Be a little happy to have known happiness. Be happy to wonder what comes next and what the name of this new chapter will be. You can be happy. And even when you cannot be happy, you have experienced life and you are growing from it. You can even be glad that you are suffering and see that even suffering reveals you as a sentient Human Being who can feel deeply, deeply. You can feel glad knowing that you will rebound. Tears always do dry up. No one weeps forever. Weeping will not be the end of you. You will know that you are getting ready for a new journey on a new road. You can know that great glory lies ahead.

You can know it is a privilege to be alive on Earth in these times when love is expanding and the world will declare itself Emperor of Love. Just to even think about this day that is dawning is enough to exult in.

And if you find you are still sad, then turn yourself around in a revolving chair and create a glimmer of happiness for someone else. It doesn't profit you to think about what you miss and what you see as a loss. It profits you to get out of your story and enter another's as a valiant stranger who delivers sample wares of joy.

Beloveds, there is no need to bark up the wrong tree. Unhappy thoughts are the wrong tree. Leave that tree and climb up another. Find a different view. See further. Despite what may be encroaching on you, you are here to deliver happiness to others and deliver yourself from unhappiness.

Yes, everyone knows some things in the world presently are not right, and yet you can get up from the seat you have been sitting in and find a different one. If you don't like the tone of your life right now, then start singing a different tune. Rescue yourself, beloved.



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