Heaven #3475 To Be Responsible Is to Be Powerful

No one alone is responsible. No one is triumphant alone. All are part of a whole. Responsibility is shared. Everyone is responsible to every other. I laid the groundwork of the world, and now you create it with every breath and every thought. There is no distance, and yet you are responsible for what happens in the perceived distance as well as in your home.

You are responsible, and yet you are to be responsible without guilt. Guilt does not serve. You are responsible for securing the world in peace. Keep peace in your heart. And when you slip and do not serve peace and do not fulfill your responsibility, then somehow you must escape guilt. I banish guilt. Guilt has no place in life.

Guilt is a pile-up of the past. It is an egregious hoarding. Responsibility, on the other hand, allows you to put your shoulders back and stand tall, and go forward.

Guilt burns your fingers and keeps you immobilized. Down with guilt. Up with responsibility. Guilt is the opposite of responsibility. Guilt is self-flagellation. Guilt is self-centered. Responsibility has a different center. Responsibility is like the mighty tin solder who loves his paper rose. Love comes first, and then responsibility and caring for follows along easily.

For all the beauty and blessings of the world, you are responsible. For all the hurt in the world, you are responsible. It is not possible to trace your responsibility, yet all are responsible for all else. You are responsible for what you contribute and what you do not contribute. If all are responsible, then you are responsible. This is not a verdict of guilty. This is acknowledgment of responsibility.

You are powerful and, with your thoughts and with your heart, you can change the view of the world that the world presently presents in any corner of itself.

If the thoughts of man can contribute to war, then the thoughts of man can contribute to peace. If a heart can break, a heart can be whole. If folly can make war, love and wisdom can make peace. If the thoughts of man can be unwise, they can be wise. If love exists in one place, it can exist in another. Love can be evident, and war can be inadmissible.

Be responsible for seeking reasons for peace, and do not look for reasons to declare war. All fighting is within yourself. Let go of it. Let go of need to prove might is right. Let go of need to uphold injustice. Every time you think you or your nation has been unjustly treated, you uphold injustice. Let not injustice become a treasure to you that you put on an altar and worship.

How much resentment is enough, beloveds? Any resentment is too much. In life, you are taking a walk in the woods. Some branches do swing back and lash you. Do not stay in the same place and keep lashing out at the branch. Don't stay in the same place. Your thoughts could be miles away, and you could already be going down a beautiful path. Let not branches in life hold you back. Move out of where you have been. You are not brave to stick around.

How do you right a wrong, beloveds? Only by moving on, can you. Not by not digging deeper, can you. Only by doing good, can you. Only by going higher, can you.

If you have been poisoned by a snake, you do not heal yourself by keeping the venom. Cut out the venom. Venom has no place in your heart.


kay 6th June 2010 10:33 am

Your reminders are little gems. Thank you.


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