Heaven #3490 If Boundaries Were True

Impatience. It is your impatience. It is not the people around you that cause you to be impatient. They do not have the control of you. You have the control of how you spend your time and how you spend your energy.

If you were not so subservient to time, you would not be so impatient. Have you perhaps made time your God? Have you written Time with a capital letter and decided to bow down to Time and follow its every wish?

If that is the case, you sing a song to the tempo of rush, rush, rush. Hasten, hasten, hasten. Run, run, run. Hurry, hurry, hurry. You involve yourself in the nick of time and to the march of time, as you run lickety-split, hither and yon, to and fro. Time becomes like the kings in fairy tales who tell the prince: "Complete this task, and then you may have my daughter as your bride. If you do not complete the task successfully, you will be beheaded."

Under the auspices of reward or penalty, you dance to Time's tune. You, the prince, adhere to Time, and you fulfill the task successfully, and then the King has one more task for you to fulfill, and then another. It doesn't seem to matter how many tasks you fulfill successfully. It doesn't even seem to matter how many times the King of Time tricks you. You try to appease Time every time.

You know, you could tell Time to go along. "Run along, Time. Hasten." You could trick Time and say: "Run along, and I will catch up to you anon or bye and bye." You're never going to catch up with Time anyway. Time isn't going to let you.

Of course, Time will run along without you. Time is self-empowered. Why aren't you?

It is said that the tortoise won the race. The tortoise cannot win the race of Time anymore than the hare can. Why try, I wonder.

Time presents you with a puzzle doomed to failure. In every case, Time leaves you behind. He tricks you. His rules are not fair. Time is a sly trickster. He will always leave you in the dust far behind him. Time is like Lucy who tricks Charlie Brown every time. Time gets your hope up, and then tee-hees. Time is like the Gingerbread Man who races ahead of you.

You cannot catch up to Time, yet you can catch on.

Of course, you understand, from reading Heavenletters and other things, that Time, the Mighty, does not even exist. Of course, Time does not follow a standard for how can Time not be elusive when it is illusion? How can Time be caught when he is nowhere to be caught? Time will escape you every time. Of course, he will. You can never catch up with Time any more than you can keep your house free of dust. The same way you have no choice but to let dust settle and wipe it clean another day, so have you to deal with time.

It is nice to keep appointments, not because of Time, but because of consideration to others who are waiting for you. In that case, stagger your appointments and duties so you have free time and time enough to get somewhere at an agreed moment merging Time and Space, both masters of disguise. Yes, they are relative reality, and yet they are no Reality at all.

If Time and Space existed, where would Timelessness, Immortality, Eternity, Forevermore, and Vastness and Infinity and Truth and Love exist? Time and Space would make them untrue. And where would I exist if boundaries were true? And you? And you? Where would you exist if boundaries were true?


Bob 17th June 2010 3:06 pm

True! And I have shifted accidentally in time enough to know. Time exists here to give us context and anchor the greater illusion.

Delanderius 17th June 2010 8:20 pm

I abide in Eternity, Here and Now. "Time is an illusion - lunchtime doubly so."

I run because I awoke to a world in flames, and the terror of taking the blame for that horror has never left me alone.

But you're right, it is time to slow down and just.... Live again. If i can. Really, there's too much Sorrow and Psychic pain for my heart and mind. My body aches constantly from the punishment I and Nature have inflicted upon it, but that's OK.

There's Other worlds, I Know, just Beyond the things "we" know... But is my BeLoved there? Or still here? If I knew, I would go, together, to Her.


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