Heaven #3512 God Created a Wonderful World

Life in the world is not all-dependent upon the physical. Even so, keep something beautiful before you. A flower, a pot of herbs, a bamboo shoot. Let your eye fall on something that stirs beauty in your heart. A swatch of cloth in a color you like. A little painting. Keep those rays of sunshine available for your heart. It will drink in the beauty between beats.

Wear jewelry to make you happy. Nothing wrong with that. A simple piece of colored glass will do.

Trigger your life with beauty, the shape of a circle, or a pear, or three points of a triangle. Change around the placement of that which gives your heart a little happiness.

Enjoy the trickling of water over your fingers.

Listen to music that you love.

Spark your heart with that which you love.

Take a colored bottle. Put a stick in it like a straw and have beauty in front of you.

Look out the window, or place a simple work of art where you can look up and see it.

Create even physical beauty wherever you are. Walk in beauty. Let your walk be beautiful.

Let the motion of your hands be beautiful.

You have the grace of God. God’s grace is beautiful.

Do not dismiss the power of beauty.

Drink deeply of all that life offers you. Your heart will thank you for your consideration of it.

Place a stone on your mantel. Let the light shine on it.

Love the bit of earth that your feet step on.

Make beauty your centerpiece.

Look into eyes and see the beauty eyes reflect.

Love everything you look at.

And if your table is cluttered, remove that which does not make your table a work of art. Make the room you work in a still life worthy of an art museum.

Today, have in mind the idea that you make everything beautiful for yourself and for others.

Have I not surrounded you with beauty? Take your pick of what is beautiful. Choose one beautiful object that signals for you the beauty of life.

One candle on the table is beautiful. Light it.

Place two feathers on a wall. Three polished apples in a bowl.

Make whatever you touch beautiful. Let your eyes and hands and heart alight on beauty.

If you have ten beautiful items on your table, take away nine. Tomorrow you can take away the one and choose another.

Pretend you are on an island, and you select beauty where you find it. A seashell adorns the world. A leaf. A few strands of grass.

Even emptiness can be beautiful. There is a fullness of emptiness.

Paste a note on your mirror. “God created a beautiful world for me. Beauty is everywhere. I highlight that which is beautiful. My eyes photograph beauty wherever they look. I too am a beautiful work of art. The palm of my hand is beautiful. I love My hands. God made them for me. I use the hands God gave me to add to the beauty strewn before me. I am God’s handmaiden. God would only make me to add to the beauty of the world that God stars in.”

Paste the words in your heart so that the light of the words emanates from you with every breath.

You kneel before Me only so that I may dub you the light of the world. I place My sword of Truth upon the halo of light above your head, and I pronounce you love, art, beauty, wisdom, engenderer of lighted life upon Earth. You are My Light-bearer. My Light is everything, and it weighs nothing. You wear it like a tiara, for I have crowned you the Light of the World.



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