Heaven #3541 Worries Take Up Too Much Room

Life often takes care of itself. You don’t have to run around worrying and solving problems. Worries are rampant. Let go of worrying, and see what happens. It is not really time that solves difficulties nor is it really space that solves difficulties, and yet it is wise for you to allow difficulties time and space to obviate themselves.

There is a sense in which you have to stop holding on to life and the way you think it’s supposed to be. Maybe it is supposed to be just what it is right now. Tomorrow it will be a little more or a little less than it is today, or it will be something else. Tomorrow or the next day will make a different grand entrance.

My children are careworn. You carry a heavy load of concern. Be not so careworn. Let go of some of your cares.

If you can count your concerns on one hand, you have too many concerns. Concerns weigh you down, and one worry attracts another. Big worries give birth to little worries. Worry becomes like a berry bush laden with worries.

What is so enticing about worries? Must you keep them? What if you let all your worries go? You would be worriless. And that worries you. What would you be without cares and concerns and worry? What would you do in life without worries? You are so accustomed to them, as if they belong to you, as if you have to have them. Worries are not your children. You don’t have to keep them.

Imagine a special file folder where you toss your worries and then lose the folder. Have you not in the past lost rings and important papers that were valuable to? Somehow you have managed without them. If you can lose what is valuable to you, can you not then lose that which is detrimental to you and not worth anything?

Do you not lose socks in the laundry? Then put your worries in an old sock.

Tear up your worries. Put them in the trash, and take the trash out. Or light a match to them. Or stamp them out like a finished cigarette under your foot. Kick them away. “Get outa here, you old worries. I’ve had enough of you. Out.”

Then spend no more time looking for other worries to replace those you tossed or lost or forgot about.

Make room in your heart for better than worries.

Worries and happiness aren’t exactly compatible. Worries take up too much room. They crowd out happiness.

Become more familiar with happiness. Welcome it. Set the table of your life with happiness. It is not all right for worries to pull the tablecloth of happiness right out from under you.

What is a worry anyway, and why do you persist in having worries, one after another? When I said that your cup spilleth over, I didn’t mean that it should be filled with worries.

Put a nickel in the bank for every worry you have forgotten about, and you will be a rich man. What you have been doing is letting worries eat you alive. They have dominated too many moments of your life. They have taken a lion’s share.

You throw old make-up away. Now throw away used worries. No longer collect worries. Do not harbor them. Worries exist because you harbor them. Worries are like mutterings. You don’t have to have them. You don’t have to give them the time of day and certainly not a place in your heart. Worries are not love. Worries are ropes that tie you in knots. I am untying the knots now.



miji1963 26th August 2010 2:00 pm

Blessings Unto You.

Thank you very much for this beautiful message.

I will definitely will do just that, give all of my cares unto HIM.

God Bless You All, Much Love and Respect, Attached With Light, Blessings and Abundance To All.

Migdalia Crespo


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