Heaven #3543 Learn to Be Happy

How much you love life may equate to the amount you give to life. Give has many meanings. Give means loving, and give also means accepting. Once again, I ask you to let go of preconceived ideas of what life must look like. If you have the idea that life must look a prescribed way and it doesn’t look like that, naturally you tend to feel that life is wanting. You may feel that you were somehow overlooked. You may come to think that life owes you. No one likes to be owed. You cannot dun life for what you think it owes you. You are not to be a bill collector of life. Nor are you to be life’s spoiled pouting child. Learn to be happy.

It is your birthright to be happy. There is no question there, yet it is also your free choice. It is your choice to choose happiness. It doesn’t make sense for you to wait to win the lottery before you will be happy. Have you been making your happiness conditional? Have you been allowing your happiness to depend upon what life hands you? The odds are that that is just what you have been doing. Kicking and screaming, you have been doing that. If you have been doing just that, you can stop. You can reverse your strategy. You can appreciate life as it is one day to the next.

A bill comes in the mail, and you are not happy. A check comes in the mail, and you are happy. For the moment.

Life seems to keep switching your gears. Beloved, you do not have to hold an alliance with life that allows it to dictate to you how you will feel. If you find yourself feeling glum, you chose it. No one else chooses for you. You have the say of how you will react to your life. It is your life.

Life will offer you pretty much everything. You cannot always pick and choose. And yet you can take life in your stride and not resist what life offers you at any given moment. You don’t have to be knocked about.

You would like to be offered chocolate bon-bons every day, and yet life has its own wisdom. After a while, too many bons-bons, and you may lose your zest for them. Life has many ways of fattening you or putting you on a diet. Either way, you can be happy. Give yourself the freedom to be happy. Life has its own ways of doing things. It keeps going. And so must you.

Sometimes you get the silver apple, and sometimes you don’t. You don’t have to lose your place in life because you did or didn’t. You don’t have to take detours from life. No more pouting or moping. They can become habits that are hard to break.

The world does not owe you a living, beloveds. Be amenable with life. Consider life an employer. There are matters that the employer likes a certain way today, even if he changes his mind tomorrow. You may not like how the employer is doing things. What he is doing may even be ridiculous, yet he is the employer, and you make life as easy and beneficial for him as you can.

Life is your employer. You are not the boss of life. You are in life’s employ. Life will serve you. Nevertheless, it behooves you to serve life. Accommodate life. Don’t make a big fuss when life doesn’t accommodate you. You don’t have to take life so personally. You don’t have to avenge it.



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