Heaven #3544 Wanting to Go Back to Sleep

Look at one leaf or petal in your garden, and know I AM God. One leaf or petal is enough. And yet you have a whole Universe to look at and to know I AM God.

Look at the palm of your hand, and know the magnificence of what I have created. Look at the rug under your feet, manmade from the landscape of My gifts to the world. How can you not be enveloped in love and see in love when you consider what I have bestowed upon you?

Look at glass panes that allow you to see outside. Look at the shutters that filter the light. Look at the light.

I ask you, how can you be alive in Creation and not do somersaults of joy even before you open your eyes in the morning, for there are such treats in the Universe waiting for you to open your eyes and to see before you.

I know you do not always want to leap out of bed. You want to stay under the covers longer. By the same token, I know you do not always want to go to bed either. You may prefer to stay awake. You don’t want to miss anything.

What does today have in store for you? It has beauty and wonderment. There is a new flower blooming, and there is a new weed popping up, and there is you, and there is I. What a combination We are, and what a fertile field life is. All the wonders I have created are for you. From the moment that life on Earth sprouted, I set My wares before you. I gave you water to drink and food to eat and grass to roll in. I gave you hills and dales. I gave you mountains and lakes. I gave you air to breathe, and the sun and the moon to love and stars to wish upon. Did I leave anything out? Do you think I created amiss?

What do you feel about My creating ducks and creating elephants and such? What do you feel about My creativity? Feel the churning energy of Creation, and know you are a created Being made in My image. My image covers a lot of ground. You don’t see Me lollygagging around. You don’t see Me wanting to go back to bed. You don’t see Me kicking the dirt that I gave to you to walk on. You don’t see Me bemoaning My lot.

The treasures I have poured upon you that you no longer notice. You may see the cracks in the sidewalk and be appalled at their condition. If you must attend to details, then attend to the beautiful dandelion that loves life so much it bursts through the sidewalk just as the sun bursts through the sky to light your path.

Why are you not kissing the Earth you walk on? Why aren’t you dancing the light fantastic? When did you learn to criticize more than to love? Do you want to be a critic or a lover?

No wonder you don’t want to get up in the morning when you consider Creation as less than the wonder it is. You are waiting for miracles to happen when you are stumbling over miracles right and left.

If you have been overlooking the beauty of Creation and your place in it, then look again. Do handstands of joy. Look at the project you are involved in, and say: “Blessed am I. Blessed be God for giving me the fruit of His vine. Blessed be the sun for shining on me and shining on all. Blessed am I, for I am God’s Will manifested on Earth. I am God’s love created for the expression of God Himself. How can I not leap out of bed in the morning? Perhaps it never occurred to Me. It occurs to me now.”



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