Heaven #3564 Rewrite Your Script

No one hurts your heart but yourself, do you understand Me? It is not what occurs that injures you. You think someone else caused your heartache. Someone else may be the trigger, yet you pull the trigger and hurt your own heart. You draw conclusions, and you accept the conclusions you draw, and you point your finger at the other person. He injured your heart, you say. He stabbed you and twisted the knife. You are the only one who has the power to do that. Conclusions you draw stab your heart. What others do or do not do is their business, not yours.

The same act can be seen in more than one way. You are perhaps quick to take an act as an affront to you.

Everyone is trying to balance his life in the world as best he can. No one takes you captive. In his attempt to free himself from a situation he perceives in the way he perceives it, someone may bump against you or even knock you over. Perhaps the seeming other simply is trying to make his way in the world. Fearing what he was fearing, perhaps some kind of imprisonment from you, perhaps, he was simply running for higher ground. He was trying to survive, just as you are trying to survive. He is trying to get out of the way of what he may see as a flood, let’s say, and seemingly, your heart gets stepped on. Your presence is incidental, you understand. It is something within himself that the other is fleeing, and, yet, you feel hit in the crossfire.

There were no real bullets in the gun. You wounded your own heart, for you too are only trying to flee from an untreated hurt, from a hurt of long ago that you happen to see raising its head from the past. Contrary to your evaluation, no one is doing anything to you now except recalling to your mind a long-blurred long ago-met contusion and confusion of the past. Your initial appraisal was incorrect because you did not have enough information. You misinterpreted in the first place. You took on a hurt that was never yours to take. You were there, yet it was someone else’s pain that you took as your own. It was someone else’s fear that attached itself to you. You were innocent, and yet you proclaimed yourself guilty, guilty of someone else’s lack, and so you declared yourself unloved instead of loved.

You were cast in a play once. Unawares, you play that same role again and again. You remember the lines so well, and yet you have forgotten that you already have played that scene. You can’t seem to get off the page.

You do not see what is in front of you. You see the past instead. You feel you have something to undo, and you try to undo it now. You encapsulate the past into the present. You do not know any new lines to say. You were hurt once, and now you hurt yourself again, as if that were the role you had to play, as if you couldn’t choose another role. You are capable. You can change roles. You can step out of an old costume and don new clothes.

A role you play is only a role. You are not consigned to it forevermore. Only it is you who has to recast yourself. Once you were a small child. Now you are a grown person. Once someone in his own lack of vision betrayed your heart, and you have let occasions replay what never should have happened to you, but did. It happened. You don’t have to replay it ever again. What you once were, what you once suffered do not have to stick to you. You are powerful enough now that you can rewrite your script and make it what you will. Rewrite it now, and be done. Open up the door to your freedom. You have the key.


spring 11th September 2010 7:41 am

Thank you thank you thank you for this most timely insight...truely what I needed to read right now. I love your messages, truely love them! Thank you dear Gloria and bless you for your kindness and loving wisdom. Frances x


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