Heaven #3796 Who You Really Are

Where in the world are you? Your body may be in a street in a certain country, yes. I did not ask you where your body is located. You are not your body, so I am asking you where your soul is. It is with Me.

You, who are in Heaven with Me, are also the center of the world. You are the hub of the world. You are not this isolated body in one country or another. You are a mainstay of the Universe. You ARE the Universe.

This is hard for you to believe. You see yourself more as a cog. Nevertheless, you are the mainstay of the world. Mighty are you.

I suppose We could say that you are a slat that holds up a futon and that each slat counts, yet I am saying more than that. I say that you are the mainspring of the world. Your significance is tremendous. Your contribution is tremendous. I will go so far as to say that you are the determinant of the world. You are the balancer of it.

You probably think: “What difference does it make whether I am on Earth or not. People drop off all the time like flies, one after another.”

I am saying that, while your body is on Earth, your body that houses a soul from Heaven, the presence of your soul on Earth makes all the difference in the world. You are a soul on Earth. Souls are vital. You are vital to the Universe.

I am not just giving you a pep talk. I am pointing out to you that you are not just one word on a page. You are the whole page.

I am not just saying that you are one finger on a hand, and each finger is important. I am not just saying that you are caught up in the world, or the world is caught up in you. I am saying that you have a significance far greater than you ever thought or dreamed of.

It was once thought that one man held up the world. His name was Atlas. Whatever your name is, you hold up the world. You are the world’s significant other.

You say that I am saying this to everyone, so you scoff at the idea, or you laugh at it. You say I say this to everyone, and so you say that what I say makes no sense at all.

I say that you, you, whoever you are, have tremendous power. No one has more. You think there are many who have more power than you. In fact, you may feel powerless. This is a mistake in your thinking.

I am telling you that you are more than a key player. You are THE player.

You are the Only One. Take Me seriously. The state of the world depends on you. It does not depend on anyone else but you. You are responsible for everything. You, yes, you. I am talking to you.

You may hold the world by a string, and yet you are the upholder of the world. You are its centrifuge. The world takes its cues from you. You determine the weather and everything.

I know you depend on Me, and yet I also depend on you. I am depending on you now.

All are One. You are One. You are My One. I kid you not. Upon you, everything relies. You might as well know that everything is a reflection of you. The song you sing reverberates, and you are the only singer in the whole wide world.

You think you are Clark Kent. You are Clark Kent in disguise only. I am telling you that you are really Superman. You are Superman at My behest. I know what I created. You don’t know. You are the kingpin of the world. Make the world wonderful. There is only you to do it.


blj 26th April 2011 7:46 am

Thank you, I am very grateful for this message~