Heaven #3853 Cheer the World

The importance of your staying positive cannot be overestimated. It is incumbent upon you to set the sites of the world. Your thoughts produce the world.

Let Us say, for the moment, that you are a manufacturer of bottle caps. As the manufacturer of bottle caps, you know better than to say negative things about bottle caps. You wouldn’t say they aren’t made right. You wouldn’t say that the bottle caps you manufacture are foolish. You wouldn’t say, “Bottle caps. Tut tut.”

And, yet, about the world, you say, “Tut tut.” About the world, you give dire prognoses. About the world, sometimes you throw up your hands. About the world, you may say, “There will always be wars.” You may say, “History repeats itself.” And by your very statements, thought mentally or said aloud, you try to establish that what you say is true. So, when history repeats itself, you can say, “There, I told you so. I could see it. I knew it. I predicted it.” “And I won,” your mind says vacuously.

From now on, please shed light on the world. The world is of Our making, beloveds. It is Our baby. If you do not speak well of Our baby, who is going to?

The world is your infant. How you nourish an infant makes a difference. The world depends upon how you think of it and what you say about it. The world will change according to how you think about it. There is the age-old topic of nature or nurture. The world which I gave birth to in love also depends upon nurture. The world depends upon your nurture.

Is it not well-known that how you think and speak of a houseplant makes a difference to its growth? If you want your houseplant to be blooming, you bless it. If you neglect or badmouth your plant, it will wither. You can’t possibly think that the world is less affected than a houseplant you picked up at the super market.

There are truly good things you can say about the world, and you must say them. Say them, or be quiet. Either cheer the world, or be mute, but it is much better to cheer the world.

Without the world, you wouldn’t even have it to find fault with! The world is not be your scapegoat. The world is your opportunity. You have an influence on the state of the world. You cannot fling the world aside for the sake of your own declarations.

The world is a living breathing entity. It is well-meaning. It has no choice but to reflect you. Give it something wonderful to reflect. Be the world’s best cheerleader. Lead the world on to victory. Consider the world your army, and so you give it its direction. Of course, the world can be an armed solider ready for war. Of course, the world can also be the loving Mother Earth it was designed to be. It is your call. You call the shots. Your thumbs up or your thumbs down make all the difference in the world. You are the designator of the world. You are the propagator of the world. You are the farmer who tills it. And you are the children who pick the fruit from its trees. Upon all of you, the world depends. It takes its cues from you. You are the mother of the world. You are its orchestra leader. You are its champion. You support the world. Find that which to admire. And so you bolster the world. There is much in the world to love right now. Love it.


COBALT 15th June 2011 9:37 am

:smitten: If you're happy, and you know it, clap your hands!


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