Heaven #3886 Let Us Not Forget Your Heart

I cannot say enough how important you are. Important to Me and important to the world. And, yet, I do not want you to think about your importance very much, for that will make you feel self-conscious. Better to be unself-conscious.

When you are feeling self-conscious, you are either ahead of yourself or following behind. Then you are more like an actor on the stage, which, of course, you, as a human being, are anyway. Better to be natural and unconcerned with how you appear, however. It is more rewarding just to be. Just to be simple. Just to be alive. Just to be you.

How unself-conscious are young children and animals. They are just natural. They are just living. They have no image to follow. And how delightful they are as they don’t notice themselves so much on the stage. They don’t know to put on airs. And why would they? What would the advantage be? To impress someone? They are just enjoying what is at hand. They do not pose for photos in order to appear splendid. They simply are.

Self-importance isn’t exactly the way to go. Just know how wonderful you are, and then forget about it. Accept your heritage, and don’t make a fuss about it. Your heritage is a given. I am speaking of everyone’s being created in My image. Guaranteed. No exceptions. Life time guarantee. Actually eternal guarantee. There are no seconds. You are all first-class scions of the God above and the God within.

The world, of course, would sort you. The world likes to sort. There is no end to the piles that the world would sort you into. Young, old. Tall, short. Gender. Brains. Wealth. Let Us not forget wealth. That will get you a good place in line. The world forgets itself and what it is made of.

But, you, remember, and then go on from there. Remember it once, and then jump into life freely. When you remember, you can let go of externals which are, after all, only externals. They are not integral to what is truly Real and what matters more than the world’s unimportant stratifications.

It is, of course, easy to get strung up on the externals. Certainly, the externals have an appeal. Who wouldn’t want wealth? And, yet, who doesn’t know that wealth is not what it is cracked up to be. Those who have wealth have an ease that you may not, yet they may not sleep as well or enjoy their lives any more than you enjoy yours. Sometimes less. Being a human being is the common denominator, not money in the bank.

What does bring you happiness? I am talking about solid happiness and not just spurts of happiness at the occurrence of an event. Crossing the finish line before everyone else has its excitement. It lasts a minute or two, or maybe to the next morning. Fame’s claim to happiness is short-lived. Better to have happiness that sees you through. How much are all the short-lived jolts of happiness worth? The secret is to enjoy life from stem to stern.

Of course, be glad to have these jolts of happiness. Also know that they depart just as fast as they came to you. Queen for a day is only Queen for a Day. Even queen for life is not such a bowl of cherries.

In the field of life that I speak of, prince or pauper is the same. When you come down to it, your title is not so much as you thought. Your pocketbook is not much. Your heart is much.



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