Heaven #3947 Infinity and Eternity Are Yours

Insecurity breeds ego. If everyone felt secure within himself, there would be no use for ego. Ego is meant to bolster a flagging spirit, a flagging sense of self. Why would you ever need to be inflated except that you have felt deflated with little sense of self-worth or no sense of self at all?

A man with his stomach full does not have to steal food. What is ego but stealing? You would have no desire to relish ego unless you needed a boost of some kind, even if the boost is false, even if the boost is no more than tinsel, even if the boost is fragile, even if the boost can only let you down as ego does time after time.

Ego is a flat balloon that, when all is said and done, flattens you. It leaves you barren. Yet ego seduces you time after time. Neither debase yourself nor inflate yourself.

When you feel insecure, you are looking in the wrong places.

When you go into a book store, you have a choice of which section to look through. If there is a section called Ego Development, you do not have to go there. Why would you be drawn to it?

In life, if you are looking for gold, would you mine ego? When you seek gold, mine gold.

Ego is a poor band-aid for insecurity. You can find many reasons to feel insecure, and yet none of them has a basis in Truth. The world is fraught with insecurity. Anything can happen. That anything can happen is freedom for you. Humility can happen. You do not need fame. You do not need accolades. You are not alive to defray life. You are here to live it. Ego is not the escape route it would like to masquerade as. Ego is a deceiver. Ego does not give you security. It gives you an illusion of supremacy for a while. Ego is hot air. Ego is bound to let you down. Ego knows only to let you down.

The more your ego is inflated, the more you have to let go of it. Ego is a character out of the comic books. Ego may wink at you. Behind the wink lies a calculating eye. Ego is calculating your fall. The higher that ego raises you, the harder the fall. Ego offers you a flame that is quickly put out. Ego's bluster is far more advanced than what it delivers.

Be free of the need to capture the world. Capture Me. Have Me at your side. Forgive yourself your trespasses and let not ego trespass on you.

Ego has no right to you. You have no business caving in to ego. You do not need the false supremacy of ego. Walk away from ego. Do not waste your time.

Ego, wanting to be first, cuts through the line of simple human beings. If you want to be at the head of the line, try letting someone else go first.

Beloveds, do not sit on the chair called insecurity. Sit with Me instead.

You have Infinity and Eternity. They offer far greater than the myth called security. Infinity and Eternity are the platform you stand on. You are looking for worldly guarantees. Worldly guarantees are false insurance. They do not really exist. Worldly guarantors are false prophets. They are salesmen who do not have the goods to deliver.

Stand on the firm ground of Infinity. Accept Eternity. It is eternal. A little flame of ego can only sputter and go out.


LordJesusChrist 20th September 2011 2:50 pm

Thanks, Gloria! I accept Eternity and Infinity as My gift from God. Eternity because we have an everlasting life and Infinity because we live forever. Eternity is the completion of God's plan which is The New Jerusalem and Infinity is our conquest of the universe. Alleluia! Amen! ******* My Good Wisdom
:thumbs: :angel: :smitten:

Tania 26th September 2011 4:54 pm

Thank you Gloria.
This is beautiful xx


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