Heaven #4186 Know Yourself as Beloved

Of course, you would choose only happiness. Who wouldn't? You cannot take it to heart, yet, nevertheless, the happiness I speak of is something independent of what falls into your lap. The happiness I speak of is not from the outside. Happiness from the outside is very nice, appealing, enjoyable. You take what you see as good happenings as a message from God. You take it as a message that God loves you. You take what you see as unfortunate also as a message from God. You take it as a message that God doesn't love you. You bounce yourself up, and you bounce yourself down.

The fact is that I, God, love you every moment of every day and every night. There is no exception to this. And yet one occurrence today may make you happy, and another occurrence makes you sad. You do realize that it is not what occurs or doesn't occur that makes you happy or sad. It is your thoughts, your thoughts, not Mine. My love is beyond thought. However, if My love were a thought, My only thought would be love. Love and its resultant happiness are beyond thought, yet you feel that you are helpless when it comes to your thoughts.

The Truth today is the same Truth as yesterday. The Truth is that your happiness is not limited to what occurs around you. Certainly, you think it does. Certainly, you think your happiness depends upon something outside you. You react. You react in old ways. You call what occurs by names like hardship, smallness, hurtfulness. You give a name to what occurs. You give a name to what you decide has occurred. What you think, you respond to.

If you thought a loud sound were a gunshot, you would react to a gunshot. If you thought the loud sound were a burst of applause for you, you would react another way. You react, not to what has occurred, but you react to what you think has occurred. Do not be quite so quick to think of offense. Be quick to think beyond offense. Think well of yourself. Know yourself as beloved.

Thinking well of yourself and the world is not telling yourself a lie. Having awareness that I love you is not a lie. And, yet, the human condition seems to be that you believe in terrible lies. You may be quick to forsake yourself. Be quick to forsake offense.

You may believe that you are unworthy of love, My love, anybody's love. You may think that anyone can make you cry. That has been proven often enough. It is your thoughts, beloved, your thoughts that make you cry. Your thoughts say you are bereft. What you think is what you react to. Encourage new thoughts. Be daring enough to think new thoughts. Keep up with Me. Go beyond the tumult of the world. Go beyond your summations of the past.

That you cry a lot, I know. That you are misjudged, I know. Yes, I know. Here is the thing: It is incumbent upon you that you think well of yourself. Contrary to what you may have accepted, you are love and worthy of love, and you have all of My love. Think this way instead of the paltriness you have thought. When you seemingly are sent misery, don't take a serving of it for yourself. Do not place falsehood in the face of Truth. Remember love. Remember My love. Remember the love you are. Remember love. Remember Me. Remember you. Remember Truth, and never forget it.


LordJesusChrist 16th May 2012 4:22 am

The Good Force be with you!

Wonderful! Thanks, Gloria, for sharing!

Live forever and prosper!

Alleluia! Amen! ******* My Good Wisdom
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