Heaven #4263 Beautiful Light-Maker

Be a light unto the world. It is not for you to wait for the world to light you up. You are the one I sent to light up the world. Be the light of the world. Light up yourself, and you will erase darkness from one heart to another.

You are My beautiful Light-maker. Let Us speak of light today and save the word love for another day. You are an angel of light, nothing else. Your status as a human being is temporary. For a while, you stand in as a human being. Even so, your real status is Being of Light. You are a sun that grows brighter and brighter. The essence of you is My light. What else can the light of the world be but My light shining for all to see.

Succor the world. Uplift it. Start with yourself. When you uplift yourself, you uplift legions.

Life is not so much about you. You are about the world and beyond. A messenger delivers the messages he has been given to deliver. The messenger is not thinking: "What do I feel like doing at this moment? Where do I want to be? What do I want?"

A messenger delivers the messages he is given to deliver, and he delivers them in good grace.

He knows that he is for more than himself. It is too small for a Messenger of God to think of himself. He has messages to deliver, and this is what he takes into his heart, and this is what he gives. He leaves his consigned messages everywhere, and, so, he lights up the world.

What a tremendous thing light is. Nothing but light is real. And so a Messenger of God gets real. He removes his sweater and lets My light so shine before men. It is not his personal light you understand. This is not charisma We are talking about. This is not a personal magnetism. A Messenger of God is not ensconced in himself. Ensconced in oneself lies not happiness.

A Messenger of God seeks happiness for others, for that is his purpose. He lays down the red carpet for others and opens the Universe for them. He helps them to lie down in green pastures. He comforts their souls. He addresses their souls. He is a speaker of hearts. He opens hearts, and so he multiplies the Light of God. He is in service to all. His cry is We and never me. He plays an enormous role in the unification of the world. He knows Whose Crown he wears. It is not for his aggrandizement. He gives the crown he wears to all. He doffs his crown to, and so he sheds the Light of God, not on his singular behalf, but on behalf of the world and all its members.

He does not dally. He enjoys, but he does not dally. He doesn't search except as he seeks to give, and so he gives universally. He whirls a thunderbolt of light, and it lands neither here nor there but everywhere. This is what it means to be the Light of the World.

Everyone picks up the light, and everyone becomes the Light of the World and then the world is light, and all hearts are light, and Blessing is thy name for you give light, are glad to give light without thought of your own glory but for the sake of Mine and all those other Beings of Light that you gladly light up. And so, who is there to thank, who is there to single out when all are light and light is all. Certainly not your individual self, for what matters to you is the God Self of all the Lights in the World upon which you shine your light.


Mik 31st July 2012 8:45 pm



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