HEAVEN #5566 The Sought-After

Sometimes you are hungry, yet you do not know what exactly it is that you are hungry for. You may think of chocolate pudding. You love chocolate pudding, yet chocolate pudding may not be what will satisfy you today. You may think of banana cream pie, yet that's not it. You may suggest all your favorite desserts, and not one of them will satisfy a particular longing that possesses you that you can't quite put your finger on. A taste is missing today, yet you don't know what it is.

You may feel something missing from your life as a whole, and you don't know what it is. You are beginning to feel that there is nothing that will satisfy you, or, if something exists that will satisfy you, you don't know its name. You can't be sure that this deep and deeply hidden desire does exist, and if it exists, does it exist on this plane of existence, and, furthermore, does it exist for you?

Yet everything that you see on this Plane of Earthly Existence comes from somewhere deeper. Everything delicious here started from a deeper higher place than Earth. Life itself is not really made of dust. It is made of an essence. It started from a seed that comes from deeper than the soil. Notice the commonality that the English words -- soil and soul - share. Regardless, it is from the subtler invisible that all the visible is seen.

There is always more that you have not yet seen. Perhaps it has not yet been born, or, perhaps, you simply haven't seen it as yet. It's more than possible that your unnamed appetite will find the unseen for you.

Pretty much, yet not always, there is a yearning, a kind of seeking, before you find what you are looking for. Sometimes, of course, you may just trip over something glorious that delights you. Even so, somehow you paved the way, or the way was paved for you. You didn't see what you wanted until you were right where you did see it. It could have always been right there unbeknownst to you.

Whatever you seek, no matter how clear or unclear, your seeking comes from within. If you trip over a 5-carat diamond, you can know that equal carat-weight and light are within you. There is a diamond mine within you of equal brilliance. You are the Light of Your Own Life.

In terms of your conscious search to secure treasure outside you in the world - such as a sterling long-lived romance, a fabulous career, world acclaim etc. - you may well find them in the world, yet the treasure-trove of happiness you find lies within you all the while.

On the other hand, when your immediate dreams and desires and even hungers are not yet fulfilled, you are not to think that not gaining is any kind of a mark against you. It can mean or not mean any number of things. Nevertheless, the longing is from within you, and the answer lies within you as well.

You know, it is a tender thing to have your heart set and then be desolated when you find yourself still empty-handed.

That you desire gold and have all the gold within you doesn't mean you have to have the gold and have it now and have it wrapped and delivered to you as you wish. Recognize the difference between need, having to have, absolutely must having to have, and, on the higher end, receiving.

Never think the world owes you. Your happiness is not dependent upon your wishes being fulfilled or in the manner you envision. You may well be a prince, and yet your princess has not yet come. The blessing of your happiness is not someone else's to fulfill. You are responsible for your happiness with or without your princess. All that is necessary for your happiness lies within you whether the world gets it to you fast enough or royally enough or not at all.

The sought-after is not the missing key to your happiness.



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