HEAVEN #5588 The Heart Keeps a Different Tempo

When something is on your mind, it also weighs on your heart. It takes its toll on your heart. The heart desires peace. The mind likes a spin in a roadster at fast speed whereas the heart likes to ease in and not be hurried or hassled.

Naturally, I have provided you with both heart and mind. Heart and mind are like brothers. They like to go together, yet sometimes one brother seems more favored than another. It's a good idea not to work either brother too hard. Easy does it. Yes, let there be give and take. Let your heart and mind be like stretch fabric that bends and stretches. Whatever tenses you and is on your mind and heavy on your heart is to dissolve. You don't have to be wound so tight.

If time were not such a presence in daily life on Earth, you would be more at ease. The concept of time tends to restrict. Time isn't supple. Then it is for you to be supple and move forward.

What would be so terrible if you were mistaken and could flex your judgment muscles and be more relaxed? What makes you force yourself to think that you are the chosen arbiter of what you think is right, even when it is to your own detriment to think so?

If you must always be right in what you declare, and you can't be mistaken, then the stakes are too high. You undercut yourself for the sake of being immovable. It is a fact of life that you are to grow and blossom. This means your opinions have to grow and change. Growth means change. Face it. You cannot grow and stay the same.

What makes you deny to yourself that you are to grow in your heart and mind? What would make you insist that you must not change, and, that, furthermore, you are virtuous to set yourself up every day to resist change? What can this insecurity be except in the name of ego?

Budge a little. Unless you budge, you are holding on, and you are holding back. You are holding onto to past turmoil and holding the past before you as righteous, waving the past before you like a sword.

Now it's time to take your sword and cut your own apron strings to the past you have rigged up. If you are grateful, you won't make a bogeyman of life or anyone in it. You may presently be that you see the world as persecuting you in the form of this one and that one. It may be you who pictures negativity as a good thing, all because someone else isn't perfect in your eyes.

Is it possible that you like to see yourself as a victim, and you like to see another another as a villain in order to justify your outrage? My dear, it is you who is outrageous in supporting your self-righteousness.

Are you telling Me that negativity is a blessing in guiding your life's decisions? If you think it is worthwhile for you to complain about being wronged, then know that you keep yourself in servitude to being wronged.

Foremost, put aside all provocation for your own negativity.

The world doesn't treat you right?

Instead of standing up against your picture of the world, set yourself straight. Your disturbance about the world and those awful people in the world that you meet again and again sets you back. No one can dig his feet in and progress. You are meant to move forward. Be benevolent to others and to yourself. The one before you is yourself or a version of yourself standing on unsteady legs.



Liza Elliott 15th March 2016 7:31 pm

I LOVE the permissions note after your copyright! BEAUTIFUL!



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