HEAVEN #5602 You Were a Positive Thinker Once

How you look at life makes a huge difference in how your life plays out. This is not a new thought. You can give Me all the reasons from here to Tuesday why you don't think this is so. Perhaps you were a positive thinker once, and your positivity got smashed. Now you call yourself realistic as if the pessimism for what passes as realism is a great thing. Predict the realistic down-side, you say, and you proudly wave the flag of the down-side.

Beloveds, what do you want to bet on? That you are doomed to mediocrity or worse, failure? There is no failing when you give life a whirl. Get away from limited thinking. Everything does not have to turn out as your heart's desire.

Look, if you want pumpernickel bread for your sandwich, and you get rye bread instead, do you have a conniption? Hey, you got bread. You got a sandwich. You don't have to make a big deal of it. Tomorrow is another day. And today is not dark because you didn't get rye bread. On the other hand, you don't want to predict that, realistically, you likely won't get what you want.

Of course, there are bigger matters in the world in which everything is a comparison and, alas, your true love turns out not to be your true love. Okay, you were mistaken. What you wanted to be true and what seemed true - wasn't true or wasn't true for long.

Are you a bigger fool to have ventured and lost (as you see it) than to have pushed away the possibility of your true love to begin with?

You might have said and shook your head: "Naw, that won't work," and you settled the matter without giving yourself or the other a chance.

If your true love comes true, and you have happiness, and then your true love is wrested away from you by illness or accident for some kind of fate, must you now feel you have been cheated and life had no right to snatch your true love away? Life does have rights, and death of the body is one of them.

You, who defend the unfairness of this turn in the road, may forgo any thought of gratitude for your twenty glorious years that so many others would give their lucky stars for. Or for the ten years or the two years or the six months or five minutes of glad tidings you had been granted. Now you throw rotten tomatoes at life for how you perceive that it turned against you. You accuse life of unfair practices. Life stole away your true love from you.

No one likes to have loved ones leave their hearth and home, yet life on Earth is only a rental. No one owns it. Your loved one is now fully at Home. Are you so sure this is to rail against?

Look, there is a perspective for you to gain. Life on Earth is give and take. Life on Earth is entrusted to you only for a while. It is not a bargain you have made and must insist upon.

When you sail on a boat, you go where the winds blow and the boat takes you. Is there another way, really, especially after the fact?

Beloveds, what good does it do for you to flail your arms and stamp your foot? Life does not always go your way. This is the reality of life in the world. The True Reality is that there is no trespass on love. Love doesn't disappear except as you say so.

Respect the love you received and respect the love you give. Respect your dreams, those that come true, and those that, in your eyes, do not. Respect the unfolding of life as it unfolds. There is a meaning here. Life is awaiting acceptance from you. How long must life wait for you to once more look up at the Sun and walk with a bounce in your step?


spiritdiver 14th April 2016 8:39 pm

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