Heavenletter #4414 Good Will to All Men, God’s Will Be Done

The force of love is a power to be reckoned with. Love is a power. It is a power for good. Who would want less than a power for good? Who would want to keep all the odds and ends of life that you may have kept to pour over and perhaps collect more of?

Another name for love is Good Will. Good Will is good enough. Have one department in your life, and let it be Good Will. Then you will have Vast Good Will.

Be a Being of Good Will. No more stand-offs in life. Now Good Will. Let Good Will be your reason for Being. Be good-hearted and good-willed. What more can you ask for from life than that? Anything else is less. Be one who wants more and gives more. Let all that you will be Good Will and nothing but Good Will. Of course, it is My Will that you take the High Road.

No more inclusions of animosity or anything less than Good Will. This is how you have no enemies. This is how you have no one you call enemy. This is how you have no one that you sweep under the carpet. All are welcome to the warmth of your heart of love.

Consider that you have a heart. All are welcome to come by the fire of your hearth and get warmed up.

This is how you become a benefactor of mankind. What other use on Earth can you equal? Rich man, poor man, Good Will is Good Will. You stand not higher nor lower than any other. You are My tribute to the Universe, and so you do tribute. You give tribute to Me as you love others, even the seeming unlovable. Even the people who drag you down, you can love them. It’s okay to love them from afar. The thing is to love them. The thing is to love.

And, if you cannot find the love in your heart, then, at least, think of someone you do love. One day the love you think of today will wend itself to the one you find it hard to think of with love. Soon enough, your heart will be drawn to him or her with the energy of Good Will. You will be glad. The rough edges of your heart will smooth out. No more rough edges for you. Grace for you now, grace that you give, and grace that you receive. Today your name is Grace.

You are the One I call to Me to grace the world, to bless the world with your thoughts. Make your thoughts gracious. Make graciousness true.

You are an emperor. I have chosen you to rule the world with grace, and, so, you find the grace within you. You find your own ruling grace. The world turns over in joy to be graced with your presence. The joy to live in a world where you give benediction to everyone becomes yours. You exclude no one. Not even one thought. Not even one thought of yours is graceless. You string your thoughts all in the same color. Your thoughts are also beads of the same size. The closer your thoughts are to the Truth of Love, the bigger the beads of your thoughts grow until all your thoughts fulfill love. What more is there to ask for than this?

What more is there than a heart of love? Squeeze your heart with love, not possession but love. Be a love of the Universe and everyone who lives in the Universe with you. Everyone, past and present. Everyone. Wear a banner that says: “I welcome all Mankind.”



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