Heavenletter #4478 The Portal of Awareness

Love you? It is impossible for Me not to love. I love with every fiber of My Being. Love is the center of My Existence. And of yours too. The thing is that I know only love while you are involved in much ado about nothing.

This is the human condition. Involvement. Entrainment. You work at resolving the human condition. Through your being in a physical form, you come to freedom.

The Being of yourself is already free. From the physical basis, you discern the Truth of you. You discern and ennoble. Although there is truly no distance to travel, you travel it. And who greets you when you arrive? Why, you do. You meet yourself.

What a journey you are on. You have a map in your hand, yet you think you are a buoy on the sea. In a way, you are. You bobble on the sea, and yet it is an incredible sea that you bobble on. You learn to swim, and you learn to dive, and you learn the true nature of your Being.

You were thrown into the sea.

You are a beautiful sunrise on the shimmering sea. You are the sunrise looking for yourself. “Where is it?” you plea. “Where is the sunrise?” You may be too close to see yourself. You may look everywhere except within yourself. You miss the point.

Don’t feel bad about this. This is how it is. This is how you grow.

You, a guiding light, look for direction.

This is the humorous intent of the Universe.

You set sail to find Zanzibar, only to discover that you are Zanzibar seeking yourself.

You are Love seeking Love.

You are the answer to a riddle that seeks its own answer.

Who are you, and where have you been. You have been playing Knock, Knock, Who’s There? Hello, why it’s you! You knock on the door. You open the door. You find yourself on the other side of the door. Who else can it be but you? Beautiful you. The Truth of you waiting for yourself to come through the portal of awareness.

There is no other side. There is you.

The entrance is through your heart and through your mind. In Infinity and Eternity, heart and mind become One. Oneness of heart and mind are translated into Love of which there is nothing but.

Enjoy the world while you are in it. This is the path for you to follow. Enjoy being on Earth and catch a sight of the Reality you carry with you. You don’t really carry it. It carries you. It is the mover and shaker of you.

It is your destiny to find your Self right where you are. The travel is inside you. It is the course in life you take. You can only pass with flying colors, for you wind up with Me. Of course, I am from where you started. And now you pass the finish line. Of course, there is no finish to Our beautiful existence, and, so, We can say that you come to the starting line where you are seated with Me.

Starting line or finish line – what’s the difference? There is no line to follow or leave from. There is sequence, and there really is no consequence. Nevertheless, reintroducing yourself to yourself is enlightening, bright eyes. You love it. You love gazing at the sunrise. You love gazing at the one who opens the blinds that once blocked the sun. Now, you, the sunrise gaze at yourself, and you see and you say, “Good. Beautiful. Awesome.”


Baloneypants 1st March 2013 2:37 am

God is pretty cool. And has a great sense of humour. But I suppose that would be me, and everyone else, I'm talking about. :)


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