Heavenletter #4486 When Fear Has You in Its Grasp

Beloved beloveds, it is very tempting for you to ask Me to rescue you. Of course, there may be situations that call for rescuing, and, sometimes, it is built in that I will lift you up and whisk you away from what you fear. On these occasions, you don’t have to ask, you understand.

And, if you call out, and I do not rush over, you are not to feel you are forgotten. I do not forget you. I do not turn away from you. It is not from whim that I do not rush right over. There are many factors unknown to you. There may be something for you to turn to within yourself. There may be something within yourself that is to save the day or re-position your perspective toward it, or have to go through it.

Too often you see tragedy. It is a given that the world sees tragedy. Yet, in Heaven, what can a tragedy be? What would it look like? To you, what seems like the worst may not be tragic at all. Death of the body, for example. What plagues you may not be what it seems. To your mind, whatever it is that you find tragic will contain a perceived loss. Of that, We can be certain.

Sometimes situations seem to change by themselves. Sometimes, for there to be change, you have to be the one who make the change or rises above it. It never was My intention that you feel powerless. Because I AM does not mean that you are not. Because I AM powerful means that you are as well. I am your strength, and self-reliance is your strength as well.

What is fear but a projection? Fear is not a reflection of holy waters. Fear blocks fulfillment. It is a shim put under a door, and you are puzzled why the door won’t do as you want. When the shim of fear is gone, your hand will move the door without obstruction.

You ask: “God, getting right down to it, how on Earth do I remove fear? When fear has got me, I don’t know how to get out from under. Help me.”

Beloved, get into action, even if the action is to think a different thought. If you sit there, not getting anywhere, you probably will go round and round, play the same recording over and over again. Get up, beloveds, and play a different tune. This is so simple and, at the same time, not easy for you to do. Not easy for you to do so long as you sit stuck in the same place.

Beloveds, when you want Me to intervene, let a thought of Mine reach you. Find a place where you like to be and go there. Nature is good. Go where water is, or go where trees are, or where animals are. Note the take on life that animals have. When you are with animals, you will learn something about yourself.

We are ultimately talking about you, aren’t We? You are the subject of this dissertation, aren’t you?

What are you going to do to make some kind of change in a situation that hangs heavily on you?

Sometimes the action you are to take is to do nothing. Sometimes it is for you to stop agitating over it and let it take its course. Sometimes you have to let things lie.

You are not always the decision-maker.

Can you take the heavy package off your shoulders and leave it by the wayside? Later, perhaps, there may be something for you to make a decision about, yet not now, not yet, maybe never.

Sometimes you have to wait and see. That may be your decision. That may be what you have to do about what you see amiss.



See 10th March 2013 1:04 am

Thank you for this.
I needed this.God is good!


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