Heavenletter #4499 What Is To Become of You?

When you think: “What is to become of me?” know that the answer is: “All good.” All good is to become of you.

Whatever your life has been, whatever you think your life has been, you are beyond your life that has been as you perceive it. These are not just words I give you, dear ones, it is God’s Truth.

You are here on Earth, not for nothing, but for something, for something wondrous that you are not able, at the present moment, to conceive of.

You have been a hero of your life story. Never mind what the world may say. You have been a valiant hero in the imagined story of your life. There is much that you don’t see, much that you don’t even hear a rumble about. Winner takes all is partly true. Loser also takes all as well.

Even if you could be the most conceited person in the world, you don’t know how to begin to know enough about the good in you.

Excuse Me for using words like good and not so good. Language confines Me. I do not separate good and bad as the world does, yet I want you to know what I am trying to say in this mirage of language. With that being said, now I continue.

Beloveds, you come through your story with flying colors. I understand that you see drab and bleeding hearts and sorrow in a sorrowful land. Truthfully, you are a bright light.

You may not have claimed the bright light you offer to the world, yet, despite everything – and I mean everything – you play your role well. You play it to the hilt. Victim or assailer, famous or unknown, you play your part. No matter if your role is tragic, you play it to the hilt. No matter if you are martyr, you play it magnificently. No matter if you are criminal, big time or small time, you enter into your role. And, when, in life, you change your role, you do a good job of it.

Perhaps you were a criminal who reformed, now you are deeply into your new part. If you are someone who is guilt-ridden, you are very good at it. And if you are someone seemingly without conscience, you are very good at that as well. Whatever role you play – and it is play-acting -- you do play it -- there is more going on than you know or anyone knows. Even if you credit yourself too much, the credits still belong to you.

Could you have played your role differently? Yes, you could have. Just the same, the role you played served and served well.

You are not yet aware of all that went on backstage. You have only seen what goes on when the curtains go up. Even if you have a bit part, it is yours to play. The whole configuration would not have been the same without you in it.

If the panorama of life is a knitted hat, you are a stitch in it. If the panorama of life is a human hand, you are one finger on the hand. Each finger serves a function. If life is all the flowers that grow, which flower can be eliminated and the garden still keep its design? Even weeds serve a purpose that supports the garden’s growth. Everything serves a purpose even when it may not be the casually desired purpose.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. You are part of the whole. Everyone is part of the joyride of life.



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