Heavenletter #4750 What Dreams May Be

If you remember only one thing of what I tell you, remember that dreams come true. What is beyond your dreams also comes true. What you did not yet dare dream of also comes true. All you desire can come true.
The other side of this is that your dreams are not obligated to come true. You are you whether your dreams come true right now or not. Long-lasting dreams not yet fulfilled also do wonders for you. Set your sights high, and let go. Nothing has to happen. So you hold fast to dreams at the same time as you let them go.
Of course, you want more than the dream. You want the dream to manifest, and you want it now. Dreams have their own desires and come true in their own time. First, the dream. The dream itself is powerful. Dream big! Dream great dreams. It is vital that you dream and so get ahead of yourself. First the dream and then reaching it, or, rather, inviting the dream to reach you.
By dream, I do not mean wishful thinking. I mean a dream that you can feel and see and drink and be nourished by. I am talking about the vitamins and minerals of dreams that come from the dreams themselves. Dream, and don’t hold on.
A dreamer is his own dream. Dream great things. Dream Greatness, and you will become it. Let your dreams be your guide. Conscience is not part of your dreams. Dreams come to you. You do their bidding. . Of course, dream what might be called little dreams as well, a good meal tonight, a meeting with a friend, some happiness on the way. Your life is paved with dreams, beloveds. Dreams are your stepping-stones. They are the ladder you climb. While you are at it, dream for something wonderful. Dream a new picture of yourself.
What are called realistic dreams have their place, yet, in no way do you want to be bound to only realistic dreams. Dream what your heart wants to dream, and then dream some more. Dreams are not far out unless you say they are. It is not necessary for you to say that any one of your dreams can’t come true. Dreams can come true right in front of your eyes.
Have the dreams that your heart desires. Have your dreams. It’s a fine line you walk when it comes to what you wish for others. You may wish your daughter to become President of the U.S. or Miss America. She may not want to be either. A college professor may wish his son to follow in his footsteps, yet his son wants to be a fisherman on the coast of Maine. Desire that your children’s dreams come true. Dreams are not to be controlled substances.
As for your dreams, dream them. Dreams that you can act on, act on them. Dreams are not to be idle. If you want to be an actor, paint sets for a regional theater. Begin. Sometimes beginning is thinking. Of course, dreaming is thinking as well and picturing and imagining. Oh, yes, if your dream is to dance, see yourself dancing on Broadway or in a ballet. Take on the movement and the grace. If you dream to be an author, write now. Practice what you dream.
If you desire great wealth, start feeling like a person of great wealth. When you have great wealth, what will you do with it? Perhaps you will be a great benefactor. Now be a benefactor on a different scale, and keep dreaming your dream. And if one dream fades, that’s just fine too. Now another dream awaits you. Dreams are calling to you. Answer them.


moonshadows sun 28th November 2013 12:52 pm

"A dreamer is his own dream." A wonderful thought for having thanksgiving about one's career as a human being! Thank-you!


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