Heavenletter #4852 The Myth of Cause and Effect

You can believe anything. You can believe that your Earth father’s vicissitudes can be visited upon you, or you can believe that you are born anew each day.
You can believe in retribution and punishment, or you can believe in love and all kinds of wonderful evidence of it. You can believe in a God of punishment or in a God of Love or shades in between.
You can believe in Infinity and Eternity. You can believe in the past vehemently, and you can believe in the future always held out just beyond your reach.
You can believe in goodness and mercy. You can believe in payback for all the good you do. You can dis-believe in being tripped up for your ignorance in the past, far past, past-life past and the past of yesterday.
Do hard knocks – what you see as hard knocks – exist on Earth? Yes, they do. Is there the inexplicable on Earth from the world point of view? Indeed.
I ask you to let go of the past. Letting go of the idea of a merciless God and insignificant life on Earth can serve you. Believing that I insist upon retribution does not serve you. Even in the world where unkindness and injustice exist, there is parole. Even in the world there is unexpected kindness and true justice. If these exist in the world, would I be less? Would I lag behind the world?
Really, do you believe that I tell you one thing and I do another? Do you really think that I tell you to love, and I do less? Do you really think that I spend My days as an accountant? Do you really believe that I wear thick glasses and pounce on My children for every move they make? Do you really think I would be so ambivalent as to set you up for ignorance and then catch you out for it?
Even a young child in school has an eraser. When he makes a mistake in arithmetic, he can scratch it out and try another way to solve the problem. If there are erasers in the world, would I withhold erasers from you? Hardly, dear ones. I would not withhold, not at all.
If it were an immutable law that I insist on tit for tat, how would you ever get out of the cycle? Do you really think I would be so petty as to keep you in bondage when I told the Pharaoh to let My people go? What kind of God would I be if I sneak around and count every tab you don’t pay? And, do you possibly think, that I charge interest like a pay-check loan?
That you make mistakes is well-known, yet, your mistakes and misdemeanors are hardly the big story of your life. Some of My children regret a great deal without My shaking a finger at them. Some of My children see the light of day, and some don’t yet. You will. Never would I make it impossible for you. Never do I hold the past against you.  
I love. I love My children. I love My children alike. I love My children as One. Do you really think I run around as if I had no Free Will of My Own?
It is My Will that you be free. You are free of the past. It no longer belongs to you. In life, you unquestionably learn, and you unquestionably grow. Would I hold you back?
I have said before you see cause and effect from the world view. There is more to life than cause and effect. Life goes deeper than cause and effect. There is more to My vision than cause and effect.
Be done with the past now. Stay present now. I am your Present. I am God, and I have a Presence. The Great Spiritual Ones believed in absolution. Do you really think I would not?


Deeni 12th March 2014 4:22 pm




You KNOW I don't believe any of that.

But you also know, that it has been an unfortunate habit of mine that I tend to be way too comfortable 'sitting in the garden eating worms', being the victim. Oh woe is me.

This message was the kick in the pants I needed to create a much happier garden.

Much Love and Light to All. : )

Tiff 18th March 2014 4:28 am

I agree, Deeni.


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