Heavenletter #4995 Abandon Fear

Where did mockery and disdain and negativity come from?
From fear.
Where did fear come from?
From misunderstanding. From ignorance, beloveds.
Somewhere along the line, My children chose fear instead of confidence, instead of confidence in Me.  My children became confident in arrogance. As fearful as fear is, you gained confidence in fear and all its predictions and lost your confidence in your very Creator.
Fear creates nothing but more of itself. It is like you stand up for fear as though you were fear’s best man at his wedding, or as though fear poses as the referee in a boxing match and holds his own arm up, declaring himself as the victor. Fear thinks, fear can’t lose. Certainly fear is strong.
Fear’s propaganda is so wide that it is considered natural to pledge your allegiance to fear. Fear seems like a sure thing to you. You would rather be on the side of fear than on the side of Truth. Sometimes fear lives in every bone in your body. It may hide out there and then pounces and says, “Boo.”
Why am I describing fear in such detail when you already know fear so well?
I say to all who enter Earth: “Abandon fear. Don’t listen to it. Don’t let it run rampant over you. Fear is nothing to rave over.”
Be fearless. Be without fear. Live your life with the sure knowledge that you are in My care. Whatever transpires in life, I am with you. I am with you and for you, and I am before you. I will lead the way. Understand what My Will is. Certainly, My Will is not fear. Let your understanding of My Will not be fearsome. My Will is not opposed to yours. It’s just that you have a limited view. Your view of My Will has been cropped. All that fear teaches, you take for the gospel truth.
Fear shouts, “Danger!” And you cover your head.
Look, fear is a blowhard. Fear has a loud voice. His voice reverberates all over the place, and yet fear is a made-up trump card. Fear is a base marauder. Put fear aside. Bring love to the fore.
Love is at the fore. Love is embedded within you. Fear has been added on to you. Fear is not intrinsic. Fear is an outlaw. He has gotten away with murder. Fear tries to take over your heart, and I have to admit that he has done a pretty good job of it. I ask you to desist from being in fear’s thrall. Fear is such a promoter of himself. I think it’s fair to say that fear is ego. Fear is certainly ego-based. I have no use for fear. Fear is no more than a fraud perpetuated upon you.
Long live love. Love abolishes fear. Fear runs away from love. Love is true, and fear is false, yet fear is big, and fear is popular and well-noted. The opposite of fear is love, and I am Love, and I brook no fear.
The antidote to fear is love. You can even love fear and wrap it up and let it go. Fear, that lowlife scalawag, can be picked up and exiled to an island where he can relax and scare himself with his reflection in the waters of the sea.
Fear has such bravado. Fear used to convince you.
Now you see fear for what he is. He is fear, no doubt. He is fear-based, and, at the same time, fear is baseless. As love enters, fear leaves. Fear is diminished, and love prevails. Listen to love and forego fear. Be done with it. Fill your heart with love and extricate yourself from fear.



Anni 30th July 2014 8:17 am

I was brought up in a 'religion' founded on utter fear. From an early age we were 'encouraged' to find 'sin' to confess each week. It slowly but surely engraved deeply a sense of mistrust in myself and a subsequent default response to every urge and action, all based on fear and inevitable punishment.
How different would my life have been if we were taught this simple yet profound truth which, today, especially, is like a blessed healing balm on this tortured soul of mine.
Thank you.
Thank You!

Eyewitness 8th August 2014 1:17 pm

The next time you talk to God, please ask him some real questions for me, such as.... WHY is suffering everywhere and why dont you care?? A lifetime of meditating and praying and trusting and searching and reading and studying and all I know is somehow I 'chose' all this misery and there is nothing The Infinite Loving Eternal God can possibly do about it. Its all a great big illusion anyway they say, so get out there and enjoy all those panic attacks and migraines because they arnt real and you chose them. IF I chose these then WHY can't I unchoose them and why does everybody insist that we can unchose them but nobody ever does???? Just think lovely thoughts and it will all go away. 'There's no place like home". Oh Auntie Em!!' Is anybody else sick to death of all this spiritual new age nonsense?? How about some REAL answers. No More Metaphors for why I should be happy being unhappy. Let's have God answer some Real Questions and stop making excuses for all the horrible suffering he has turned a blind eye to for centuries please. Thanks. :)
Namaste' and stuff....


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