Heavenletter #5262 Roses Are Beautiful

What I see in your heart is love while you could be seeing turmoil. Beloveds, unless you are relaxed enough to love, what you have is turmoil. In order to love, all you have to do is to let go of turmoil by whatever name you call it - tension, franticness, haste, worry, regret, resentment, disturbance, stinginess. All these and more are words that represent blockages to love flowing freely in and out of your heart. The long and the short of it is that your heart, made from My heart, is here to love and nothing but love.

Nervousness, anxiety, fear and all the other equivalent words freeze up your love and keep it from flowing. On the whole, what these upsetting words represent blocks your receiving love as well as giving it. When a human heart is unlocked, love will pour in, and love will pour out. This is the natural lay of the land. Any repression of the expression and receipt of love comes from an inability to let go of what holds you back.

I understand that you may have learned to block your love the hard way. Years back you may have had no choice but to block your love. It may indeed have been that you had no other choice, yet, now, you are an adult, and you have choice. Don’t be timid about it. You are to offer your love and to be kind. How another person has been injured and may not be free to accept is not to hold you back from the free giving of your love.

You may not even be sure what I mean when I say to give and accept love. I do not mean marriage proposals all over the place or for you to accept any or all overtures. I speak of friendliness and engaging in truthful joy. Truthful is a key word here. We are not speaking of maudlin love or display that you cannot live up to. We are speaking of easy-going friendship. Good Heavens, love does not have to be romance nor is love to rule out romance. You don’t have to be hasty. Be friends first of all, and if romance grows of itself, wunderbar! Romance does not have to grow. Romance has its value. Friendship does too. Let friendship come first. Let friendship be easy and grow on its own.

Loving has nothing to do with what is supposed to be except that love is meant to be easy to give and easy to receive.

Love does not have to be spectacular. Nor does friendship. Love and friendship don’t have to be an idea of what they are supposed to be. Let love and friendship be what they happen to be. Love does not have to be limited. Let love be meaningful to the extent that it is.

Above all, love is not to be false. Nor does love have to be a lifetime commitment.

There are many kinds of love, would you agree? There is love at first sight. There is love that builds. There is love that lasts, and love that does not last. Let yourself love, and let others love, and let love be to the extent it is without special effort. Love does not have to be regimented. Love does not have to appear in a certain way in order to be love. Let love be. There are billions and billions of ways to love.

Roses are flowers, yet all flowers don’t have to be roses.

Daisies don’t pretend to be roses or even think of being anything but the daisies they are.

Gladiolas are beautiful.

Love is beautiful. This is enough said.


Deeni 23rd April 2015 12:58 pm

Thank You, Gloria.

Thank You, God.

Amen to this message.

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. :)


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