Heavenletter #5268 Silence, Deeper than Thought

Try one day without words, and see how much closer you come to Truth. Words are beautiful things, yet words and conversation often take over as though life takes place in words. Words may prance and dance along the stage. Words may start to vie with each other, and the original thoughts may get lost in words the way leaves cover the trees in a forest and you can get lost.

Deeper than words are thoughts. Words try to approximate what thoughts mean to say. Words and thoughts are sketchy and impermanent.

Sometimes words lose or reverse their meanings. True meaning can get lost in the shuffle. Sometimes you may want to make words pretty, and they dance off the page of their perceived meaning.

In the world, words are often not direct, and can be taken in many ways. Words can be noisy, and words can try to soften what is really rough wool. How can what is called bad news in the world be softened? Bad news can’t really be kept hidden. It has to be told just as the wind must blow. From the human perspective, there may be no way that is best. From the outside, how can heartache be erased?

And here time that does not exist may absolve itself. In the illusion of time, shock lessens. So jarring is what you see as reality (and yet is not,) it takes time for you to reconcile with what you see. Therefore, the illusion of time gives you the illusion that time erases all. The tide washes the sea to shore, and the tide takes the sea away from shore.

Nothing in the world is permanent. What comes down to the Truth is the heart, even as the heart may ache due to fiction. Nothing is owned. Nothing is lost. A life cannot be lost. Only on the surface of this fiction called Life in the World can anything appear to be lost.

A book is over. You may not know where you left the book or left off in the book. There is no last chapter. There are no more pages to read. And yet, all along, there was only story, and stories do not always play out the way you want them to. And when stories do suit your fancy, even then, no book is truly over. There is a sequel or such when another story opens, for there is soul. There is soul. You have a soul and so does everyone. Soul you keep. Soul is permanently yours.

Meanwhile, let each presence on Earth be joy to you. All is illusion in the world. Sense of shock is illusion. Delirious happiness is illusion. Grief is illusion. Expectation is illusion. All in the world is fiction. All in the world is well-accepted illusion, illusion on top of illusion no matter how real-seeming it may be. You have cried in the theater, even as you knew it was only a story.

Now, here’s the thing. Even within fiction lies a presentiment of Truth. Even within fiction ring Bells of Wisdom and Truth. You nod your head. Certainly fiction contains a realm of Truth. Fiction speaks to you the same way as the illusion of the world speaks to you.

Yet what is it that you have learned? It is hard to say. Perhaps you learn that there is suffering and heartache and separation in Life in the World, and it is all illusion. Yet the book you read and grasp does not seem to prepare you for what may come next.

No matter, you will rise above the daily furor of life. You will find yourself where you have really been all along, and this is with Me deep in My Heart. I want to say that this is where all your dreams come true, yet, by now, your dreams are not the same any longer. In any case, you will have Fulfillment and Reality much richer than all your past dreams ever were.


Liza Elliott 3rd May 2015 1:56 pm

This is Wonderful! Thank you!
The only way I know of to truly communicate, or to communicate thoughts truly, is telepathy. There is no way that meanings can be misconstrued because it is instantaneous and pure.
Be Still and Know.
Thank you, God. Thank you, Gloria. :)