Heavenletter #5290 Why Create Polarity When You Can Create Peace

Did you ever think you would hear Me say that you have to face facts? I love to tell you to look at all the amazing possibilities in life. I certainly do.

What I am suggesting now is to face the fact that you may have growing to do. If you are going to grow, you have to start from a place where you are aware that you don’t already know everything or even what you are most sure of right now.

Just as you do not give yourself the true recognition of your great worth, you may close your eyes to areas of your life where you may need to wake up to, and to see from new eyes.

Here’s how it is:

On one hand, you are far greater than you give credence to. You don’t begin to know your capabilities. You are way out in left field in regard to knowing the great gift you are.

Yet there are other areas where you get stuck in your point of view, and that point of view is that you know without a doubt the rightness of your way of thinking. This is what I speak of now. There are areas where you are convinced of how right you are, and you won’t let any occurrences in life or anything change your mind. You don’t have to change your mind, yet you can listen to a different opinion.

There are occasions where you may need some shaking up. Life will do this - shake you up. Yet you may be convinced tooth and nail that you are right and hold on for dear life. You are adamant. Let it cross your mind that you could be mistaken. There is not even a shadow of doubt in your mind that you are 100% right. Your mind is made up.

You hold onto something and simply won’t let it go. You know how to do this and how to do that, and there is only one way, and that is yours. I wonder why you must hold on so tight.

Hey, your way may well not be the best for someone else. I also have to tell you that the way you deal with certain areas of life, no matter how certain you are, may not at all be the best way for you to proceed. One of the facts that needs facing is that the more convinced you are that your view of a situation is the only view worth looking at, the more apt you are to be mistaken. Beloveds, if you are right, why would you have to maintain your rightness so staunchly? If you are mistaken, what makes being mistaken so dangerous and threatening? You may even go so far as to threaten that you will walk out. Why is it so crucial to you to be right? And where did you get the idea that the world is supposed to happily dance to your tune?

I have to break the news to you that you are not always right. You are not always half-right. This I can say to everyone who reads these words right now. These words apply to every person in the world who likes to triumph in an argument. You would agree that there is a brigade of human beings who have to be right only this one time, you say, and this one time turns into another time and another.

You are not talking over life and death situations. You are talking over matters of opinion. Why are you resistant? Why are you so straight-backed? No one is asking you to change your political party affiliation. You could expect a storm over that. No one is trying to change your religion. You could expect a storm over that. No one is telling you to commit a crime.

In matters of opinion, you can listen and have respect for another simple person’s point of view.

Why create polarity when you can create peace?



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