Heavenletter #5326 The Beings God Made

It helps the Universe when you do not take happenings in life as an estimation of your worth. Because you do not win a prize you so desired does not mean you are less. Results in life are not to be viewed as your report card.

How many gifts you receive from Santa Claus at Christmas isn’t a scale that tells you that you have been good or bad. Do not believe this for one minute.

That you did not win the lottery yesterday means only this: You did not win the lottery yesterday. And, if today, you win the lottery, the meaning is simply: You won the lottery today.

In the world, you tend to draw conclusions. You do draw conclusions. You could draw a picture of a horse. You could draw a masterpiece of a horse. No matter how skilled an artist you may be, the picture is an idea. The picture is of a horse, yet the picture is not a horse. And this is how it is with words as well. Words carry the vibration of the meaning of a word, yet a word is not a complete entity of what it represents.

The word good carries a certain vibration. The word bad carries a certain vibration. Good and bad are judgments. Do not be so quick to judge yourself as lacking because something didn’t happen the way you wanted it to. Be cautious about making value judgments about yourself and anyone else.  
No matter how good you may be, you can fall down the stairs. No matter how bad you may be, you may not fall down the stairs.

One thing does not necessarily follow another in the way you see it.  Connections are various and amazing, yet 2 does not always come after 1.

When you jump to conclusions about yourself, you write yourself off. You dismiss yourself. Whether you call yourself a winner or not, you dismiss your Self. What if you did not judge either good or bad? What if something just is and not what you conclude of it? In any case, you can make only a wild guess, and, then, on the basis of a wild guess, you convict or praise yourself. Whether your sketch of a horse wins a prize or not, you drew the horse.

Congratulate yourself for being a live human being on Earth. You are here. What a brave thing to be here in this play in the world. The play is named Life. You don’t consciously know enough to rate your life beforehand nor do you know enough after the case. All you know is what you see as having happened. Two people can watch the same event and see it very differently. You have a point of view. No matter how well-intentioned, eyewitnesses are not considered highly reliable. They may be sincere and honest and loyal to truth and miss the mark. Opinions are mostly…well, just opinions. How you see yourself and the world makes a difference. How you interpret yourself and the world makes a world of difference. You don’t have to take a position. You can just observe. Today you feel you did a good job. Maybe your boss said so. Good for him. In any case, be your own inspiration. Uplift yourself.

If you got fired today, you are still My child made of My Love and My heart whirling through the Universe. What more do you have to have?

You don’t have to have the world by the tail. You do not have to control events. Nor do you have to be the be-all and end-all of life. You just have to be, My dear ones. It is enough to be. You don’t have to have status. You don’t have to be anything but the Being I made. You don’t have to be first in line nor do you have to be last. Just be.



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