Heavenletter #5339 Your Will and God’s Will Are Ultimately the Same

A lot is said about My Will being done. This is not fully understood. That My Will be done implies that all of your life is a done deal and not open to your will. Not so. Your life is pending, and you have great say in your life.

If it can be said that I give mercy, it may also be said that I withhold mercy. There is a misunderstanding of terms, beloveds. That I give mercy may imply that I make judgments or even retribution.

It is for you to be merciful of yourself, and, therefore, everyone else.

Rather than My Will as a decision, I ask that you be willing. For you to be willing is a great thing. Instead of resolute, you are willing. You are willing to accept. You are willing to enjoy life and jam and butter. You are willing to let go of error. You are willing to give, and willing to give more, and willing to roll with life and eschew judgment. You are willing to let go of the concept of right and wrong.

What a boon it is when you can let go of judgment and condemnation and all that. Letting go takes a lot off your mind. Judgment is heavy. It weighs a lot. Without judgment, you lie by the still waters. Light is your canoe, and bright is the sun.

In life, you take a walk. What does it matter where your walk takes you. You are walking. You can walk through thorns. You can have cream and honey. What matters is that you are walking. You are inevitable no matter what you walk through. You are not a pawn. You are self-directed. You choose. You choose this path or that. Sometimes you stumble. Sometimes you are like Jack and Jill who fall down a hill, and sometimes you are super-charged and fly on air. You have some say in what route you take and how your life revolves.

You do not even judge your life. You may hit the mark. You may flounder. All the while, you walk to Me. We walk together. You walk to Me and expand Our closeness. Nothing else matters but that We walk together. We are inevitably One. That We go right or left is of no great consequence. The itinerary We take is incidental. What matters is that We walk. Walking together is gold regardless. Where would I walk that is not golden?

Whether you walk through the jungle or ride sleds in the Arctic cold, We walk together. Over hill or dale, We walk together. What can be amiss when We walk together, you and I, walk together as One.

Here’s what I want to get across. You do not push and pull. You do not speed nor do you fiddle around. You walk through life, and that’s your story. You are a storehouse of stories. Adventure is what you call adventure. You are on an adventure whatever valley you walk through. You walk along in life. There is no stopping you. All you can do is to advance.

Your path is lit. Life welcomes you. Life isn’t meant to be other than life, and that means viable. Life does not start and stop. Life is ongoing. You can’t put on brakes. You can try, yet you are pulled along. I take you by the elbow. There are no tunnels, yet you can call Me the light at the end of the tunnels. There is no end to life. Life stabilizes you.

Blow kisses, beloveds. You are entranced in life. Life cannot let you down. You may think so. You may think you have rules to follow or rules to break.

All life can be is a jaunt We take together. There is nothing death-defying to it. There is life-living like a magic carpet you lay down. Life is talking to yourself, and I guide you. What more can you ask?


Peter fox 12th July 2015 2:18 pm

Lovely- Thank you!


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