Heavenletter #5374 Let No Offense Be Taken

My children have many requests they like to ask of Me.

Daily bread. Work. Family. Great energy and health on a regular basis. To be finished with smallness, negativity, and any form ego may appear dressed in. To give and receive love. To have a good life, whatever that may mean to you. And that everyone you love is kept from harm, and you are a success. I hear your cries, God, God, God. God, I really want to be new. Help me to leap forward!

Listen, dear ones. Listen to Me. My answer to all your requests that cause no harm to anyone are the same:

It is done.

With the asking, everything you ask for, is on its way to you. With the asking, the answer I give to you is Yes. This is the basis you are to come from now. It is done.

With the asking, it is all done. What you desire is on its way to you.

You may not see this. You may not know this. You certainly don’t know how or when.

Trust is a key factor. Trust is the good guy, and doubt, in the terms we are speaking of now, is the bad guy. Consider that you have asked and been answered.

I understand you can’t just simply turn on full trust as if by turning on a water faucet. Don’t try. Trust isn’t something to create by effort or force.

However, you can more easily let go of distrust. You can more easily kick doubt away. You can drop it off. You can leave doubt where it lies as you move on. No need to worry.

My Will be done. My Will is for your desires to be fulfilled. My Will is across the board. I do not sit down with a piece of paper and pencil and check off individually that, yes or no, you will have the love of your life this year. I do not go over a personal list that depends upon a decision today, perhaps based upon My frame of mind or upon how I feel about you. No matter what, you can know I love you, and nothing changes My love for you. No matter what felony or villainy you may enter into today, no matter what misdeeds you may have done in the past, My love for you is established.

Hear Me: I do not take anything you say or do personally. I mean to say that if you fall off the wagon, so to speak, and commit mayhem, I love you as deeply as ever.

Now, it is for you to be the same. Don’t take personally anything that occurs in your life. You may be sure I have not singled you out to lose a loved one, or, in this lifetime, to never find your own true love. None of this is to be taken personally. Good fortune comes to all, and good fortune that no one seeks also comes to all.

As you grow closer to My vision, you begin to understand that whatever unhappiness you experience in this life, it is not My personal Will for you. Whatever happens in your life is not dependent upon My feelings for you, nor must you see everything or anything in life that happens as a fault of yours.

You can attract more positivity to you in general yet not by a specific date. What you desire may not come to you within this present life time, for that matter.

All loved ones’ bodies in this life time are going to die, and your own true love may not appear this time around. Do not take this as your missing the mark. It is not a mistake or personal issue when your body or your loved ones’ bodies sputter and die no matter what the cause. Everyone’s loved ones will die. Everyone who is alive in a body on Earth today – everyone’s body will not always stay here. If your true love does not appear in this lifetime, you can know your own true love will appear by and by. You just don’t know when.

No matter what happens or does not happen, there is no offense meant. Let no offense be taken. Don’t take anything personally.



Ozge 11th August 2015 10:03 am

A message couldn't have been more to the spot and right on time like this one! Just when I needed! Just now...thank you!


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