Heavenletter #5408 Who Has the Final Say?

You are entitled to your opinions, yet you don’t always have to say them or have them.

I must admit that some of My children are certain they have the final word on everything. They are experts. Be cautious about being an expert in your own mind.

Of course, if someone asks you what you think, it’s up to you to expound or not expound on what, sorry to tell you, dear ones, can only be an opinion.

You can use many words, or you can use a few. It’s possible that a few words are stronger than many. Not every time. Ah, if My children could get to the point of what they have to say without having to convince anyone to see it their way.

Anyway, why do you need the final say? There are so many human beings with varying thoughts who like to declare the last word. What is that quality in My children that they need so much boosting from around them? Someone else’s opinion may not matter to you that much at all, and yet you crave them to have a good opinion of your opinion, and you set out to receive it. You’re not the only one.

What is it that you need?

Are you more worthy when someone agrees with you than when someone doesn’t?

How much do you care really what someone thinks except you have the idea you have to have it? This means a lot to you, perhaps too much.

How much a little corroboration means to you. How starved you may have been for it most of your life. Beloveds, get your support from, shall We say, the Universe? And from your own heart. What’s the point of seeming confident when you are unsure?

Why, My dears, why be longing for more support because someone else thinks he knows better than you and differs with your sage comments?

There is so much talk in the world, and where is it all going?

Know this: I may or may not agree with you. You may be far away from the final say as I see it, yet this I can say with authority: I have confidence in your arriving at Truth. I have full confidence in you. And I love you for seeking Truth and caring so much to get it right. Part of Me wants to say:

Don’t give a hoot about what someone else thinks.

And part of Me wants to say:

Listen more. Keep your ears and mind and beautiful heart open.

Be to others that which you wish others would be to you. You want to be heard. People will hear you better when you listen to them. This means giving up the final say.

Is it possible that it is really your ego that needs to be heightened? The fact is that you don’t need ego at all. The last thing that ego does for you is to benefit you. Ego is like carrying a sign before you that says: "Ego is needy."

Ego never gets fulfilled, not really. Ego is never satisfied. Ego is always left wanting more and more reinforcement. Ego shines. Ego gets only false props. Ego gets hot air. Even if the whole world would bend down to your personal ego, the applause has to stop sometime. And then ego is on the dole again, or on the prowl, seeking something that the world cannot give enough of. It could be said that ego eats from dumpsters and considers he has found a plum.

Find your strength from within, beloveds. You already know this. What do you have within you? You have all knowledge. You have all awareness. You have all of God within, always supportive of the real you.

Let Me respond to you. Hear Me, beloveds. Hear Me listening to you.


spiritdiver 16th September 2015 2:11 am

Thank You, thank You thank You. For this message. I hear you. And I do have confidance in knowing Your listening and love is the support I hold the dearest and need so much. Help me to always stay close to You. And not need to prove of myself. Fore I know in my heart, God Yours is the final word, (not mine) of You, only Your word that I trust.

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