Heavenletter #5481 An Infinitesimal Something

What do you want? What do you truly want? Whatever it is that you crave, even its fulfillment is not quite enough for you. There is an infinitesimal something missing in your life. You don’t quite know what it is. You don’t have it yet. Sometimes you feel that you will never have it, that missing something.

You are beginning to figure out that all the blessings of the world aren’t quite enough. You don’t know how to describe what is missing. You do know that the missing something is not of this world, yet how can you describe that which you imagine you are devoid of? If you are missing something, you are missing it. If you can’t perceive what exactly it is you are missing, you feel a great lack of it, nonetheless. You don’t even know its name, this that you are missing. Until you know you have it, you are missing it. There is a hole in your heart. How can you know its name when you don’t have it?

You do begin to know that what is missing is something beyond the level of this world. You’d think money would do it, yet money does not. You’d think status would do it, yet status does not. Strange, lack of money and lack of status can lead you to unhappiness yet not to happiness, hmm.

Lack does not lead you to happiness. And the arrival of what you are lacking, or envision that you are lacking, also doesn't give you enough of the happiness you are longing for. It seems that in the world, everything fizzles sooner or later. This isn’t because you don’t deserve fullness. What is missing is missing. It seems to you that True Long-Lasting Happiness isn't yours on this Earth plane for long if at all.

What if you were like the animals who do not think so far ahead? You might then be quite happy with the Enlightenment that is yours right now. How can it be that animals have greater contentment and happiness than you do? Maybe blessed animals do know more than you know. They seem to be satisfied with little, and you are not.

The cats and dogs you know seem to be far more content than you. They do not ask for as much as you do. You may have thought they knew less than you. Yes, it certainly does seem that animals actually know more than you. They certainly have less discontent than you. Yet you keep striving. Discontent is not enough for you, nor should it be.

It must be that underlying discontent is the realization that there is greater ahead for you. There is more to you than you know, and you have to find out what this is. Therefore you seek more of this unknown quality.

While you are on Earth, you may indeed always seek more and more. You may translate that wanting more into discontent. What if you would translate discontent into simply wanting more and not as discontent? What if you interpreted your wanting as just right? Perhaps then you could yearn for more of Me and be content with more of Me.

Striving doesn’t have to mean lacking. Perhaps you could be content with striving and moving forward. This is great progress. Is not wanting a good thing? Then why do you look at seeking as gaining greater discontent?

Perhaps, at present, there simply is no pleasing you. It could be that you think being dissatisfied is better than being satisfied, and you yearn to be of the Highest. It so happens that you really are of the Highest. This may just not have quite sunk into you yet. It will, beloveds. It will.


KarKol 27th November 2015 3:38 pm

Boy, really needed to hear this....crying my eyes out. TYSM times 10!


kiwimuzz 29th November 2015 7:43 pm

I would love not having to work. Just travelling around in a caravan appreciating nature would be the best. Having to work just to survive and pay the bills, working all week for a short weekend isn't my idea of living. Freedom is what I am missing


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